What the term “leukemia” means is an abnormal state of our body where there is a significant increase in  white blood cells that are not completely developed. Often people refer to it as cancer of the blood.

If someone has this anomaly or kidney dysfunction, high blood pressure, diabetes or any chronic disorder (disease) we cannot tell

Rumbo a Sauce

as the photo above shows. But we can be sure without a trace of doubt that those people on the photo bellow

... leukemia cancer. Many people ask what are some types of leukemiaWhat is the life expectancy for people with leukemia? | Ask.comClients who have been diagnosed with leukemia can still find ...young cancer patient has turned his battle with leukemia into a ...

have leukemia or some other form of cancer. Obviously the reason for this is “medical care”. You have probably noticed that most of them are children. All those images are from internet and if you ask for images of people with leukemia this is what you get because there is a huge increase of leukemia and cancer occurrence in children. How come. We are being told that it is to be expected for elderly to develop cancer because they live now longer than before. It is implied that body cannot sustain longer life in a healthy state and cancer is just “natural” extension of life. Obviously this is incorrect.

Another reason being mentioned is genetically caused family carried glitch triggering these problems in young individuals. Another stupidity as now we know that genes are extremely flexible and ever changing elements that respond to every change in our environment.

I am not going into explaining what is leukemia, what types of it we can differentiate and how difficult it is to prolong the life of human developing this disorder. Instead I will point on some known fact that are being ignored by medical professionals that are “suposingly” helping affected people to get well.

Studies have showed dramatic increase in leukemia in people eating frankfurters. The chemical additives are very toxic. So what does the industry do? They make miniature frankfurters for babies and sell them in the baby food section in the supermarket of pharmacy together with another known and highly toxic product called food and that is baby formula. All baby formulas are loaded with glucose often extracted from genetically manipulated corn and soy but even if they would be extracted from natural vegetables,glucose is toxic and feeds cancers. It is # 1 culprit to inflammation and acidity in human body.

It is of no surprise that leukemia is becoming common in domestic cats. Vets are as duped in the wrong understanding as medical doctors so they suggest the same treatments and of course the cats are dying.

We can continue by mentioning other “healthy” foods that are linked to leukemia like the green tea. Green tea has caffeine that prevents cellular hydration and triggers diuretic effect plus it has a loads of so called antioxidants like tannines, polyphenols…from whom I did not notice any beneficial effect. I just know that I  had two clients with leukemia and both of them had a habit of drinking large amounts of green tea daily.

Other toxic natural compound presumed safe and healthy is stevia. In fact it will destroy kidneys.

Now as we understand that things are not as we are told they are, the question remains; can body heal and recover after being affected with leukemia?

As always the answer is YES. And to no surprise Self healing protocol is the answer. On top of the regular protocol I recommend using magnetic stimulation on femur to energize the bone marrow. The healing process is slow because it is connected with bone so erythrocytes do not have easy access there but the healing will occur. It will take 5 or more month but you will start feeling good within the first 3 months.

It always breaks my heart seeing children suffering from something they can most likely recover even after they have been harmed by standard medical procedure. I am not saying that everybody can be healed but most can and if treated correctly from the beginning I am sure all can heal. Do not wait until you are sick. start hydrating and give a chance to your body to cleanse. Stop poisoning it and you will sea how health returns into your body.





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