Our modern society views elderly as necessary evil. They are not productive and often disabled. So we put them in medical “care” and often stick them out of sight in homes for elderly where their demise is accelerated so they sooner meet their maker.

This is just business as usual. Everything is geared for profit and nothing is as advertised, “for health”. Just look at the happy loving care that they are supposedly receiving

The reality is not even close to the image shown above. Elderly people are not being helped to get and feel better. They are deliberately being poisoned to get them out of the way and steal their accumulated wealth on the way. Throughout our lives we are conditioned to trust the system so we trust that doctor is trained to heal people and that he/she are helping elderly to get better and live longer. It is is just the opposite.

Some people are aware of this fact, some are just becoming aware but great majority is still asleep and feeding the system.

If you are in doubt, pleas watch this video

Please share this information with as many people as you can. We have to accelerate this awareness process and get back our power of self governance in all aspects of our assistance. Let’s start by understanding who we are and that we have the power of self healing.



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