Are we HUMANS really that smart???

Scientists refer to humans as superior to the rest of the life. As they are proven wrong on just about anything they claim, let us examine the “smartness” factor.

“Neuro-scientists” claim that thoughts are product of neurons. They are created in the brain and there is no other influence or stimulant involved. Humans have the biggest brain so they are the smartest.

Since we can communicate,we have developed social structure and managed to excel in understanding of the world that surrounds us.

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We make experiments to prove “scientifically” our beliefs. Scientific papers are written and to be accepted they have to fit in the general trend of thinking. This is how we get to know that the Sunlight creates cancer, the salt increases blood pressure, cholesterol causes circulatory problems, cancer is hereditary problem, neurons do not regenerate, genes do not change the activation sequence….and much more stupidity that has lately being proven totally wrong.

In my article on frequency I explain how our three dimensional “reality” is nothing more than a game of light that serves us to be able to experience our thoughts. To be able to change the form from wave form to a particle (photon), the light itself has to have consciousness. Atoms are made from photons. This means atoms are conscious and so is everything that is made out of them.

Human smartness depends on the stage of “awakeness”. Those who are not spiritually connected are lost in darkness. Why do I say this?

Because our cells know everything about us including past lives because the imprint is in the DNA (the dormant part). Our cells knows when we are starting to get sick, when cancer cell start proliferating but since our awareness is in hypnotic state and controlled by fake programming we are unaware of most things. We live by obeying fake, implanted program and this makes it possible for us to experience the darkest thoughts spirit sends our way. We are trapped in a state of constant fear through which we manifest greed, inflated egoism, domination, ignorance, brutality, carelessness and destruction of anything that may endanger us or make us common or irrelevant.

Some of the past and present dictators of many colours

You are familiar with at leas some of those people on the photo. And if you think that this was only in the past let me remind you of this character


If you think that any of those freaks has a sliver of brain I applaud you to watch this video

I think that comment is not necessary.
Love and light my friends.



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