Congratulations to all. We have made it to 2016th the year of great awakening.

Starting on December 30th 2015 our Solar system started to receive new energy with higher frequency of vibration.

We have been receiving different energy for couple of years. This energy have made great changes in our Solar system. Our planets have changed, our DNA has changed with them. We can compare this to an upgrade of a computer. Many had experienced buzzing of the pineal gland, aches and pains of muscles and joints. Occasional weakness or even fainting. All those were symptoms of the changes our DNA was going through. Some people that have been aware of what is going on and accepted the change are fully programmed now. Their frequency of consciousness has risen and same as updated computer, they are ready to be activated.  The new energy that started to bombard our system is exactly what those people need. It is the energy of activation.

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Since it is energy of high frequency it will not only activate the new DNA but it will increase the resonance of DNA of all humanity.

Now what does this mean?

This means that those with functional new DNA will start experiencing new powers as their new chakras start to function. Those who were asleep till now, higher vibratory state of their old DNA will force awakening. With the process new understanding of “reality” will bring better awareness of what’s going on. This will unleash the best and the worst out of them. A lot of bad energies stored in dormant genes will get to the surface in a short period of time and it will overwhelm most people. Chaos may be expected. Fortunately there are plenty people with high consciousness and new DNA that will be activated and help the rest of humanity to control this process.

You have probably noticed that most people are sick. We are blaming this strictly on toxic GMO foods and food additives. Yes they do create a lot of health problems but even people in jungle are sicker than ever. The food that was tolerated by their bodies is now making them sick. As I am in Amazonia now, wherever I look I see sick people starting with children as young as three years of age. Our new DNA is less tolerant to the garbage we eat and call food. Now the time has come when we are going to have to change the way we eat. As Jesus said “keep your temple clean” we have to cleanse our body so that we can tolerate the high frequencies in which we are immersing.

So start this year with a cleanse and do not concentrate on cleansing just the typical organs like liver, kidneys and colon. Cleanse the whole body from the blood to every cell in your body.


To do this correctly, follow Self healers protocol or refer to the article on hydration.


Clean body will adjust to the new frequencies easily. Most people will find liquid diet the most soothing. This has happened to me.

Remember that dietary glucose brings the wrong frequency to our cells and forces the change of their genetic expression. This way accelerating aging process and suppressing our immune system making chronic disease possible.

Many doctors are planing to open new hospitals as avalanche of sick people floods their offices. They do not realize that this is the beginning of the end. The end of sickness as the new high frequencies will not tolerate sickness. Now is the time to accept the change or get violently sick before we either change or die.


Here in Amazon region of Peru we are helping people wit this change encompassing the body, mind and spirit approach. After cleansing and adjusting the cellular genome people experience health and as cells recover the proper genetic expression the body starts to rejuvenate. People start looking and feeling younger. I am now like a kid riding motocross bike with my wife and our friends of which we are the oldest and appear the youngest of them all.

There is no magic pill even that some are claiming that 50 thousand dollar pill can bring back the youth. All we need is the knowledge and willingness to change our habits. So either get busy with dying or get busy with living, it is all up to you because the knowledge is here.

DSC01831 DSC01848

Hilnoretna and I wish you fabulous year. Do not be afraid and change because the energies are supporting you.

DH Laguna Sauce





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