What’s up doc? “DI-AGNOSIS”

Whenever we feel that something is wrong with our health, we go to see the health specialist, “doctor”.

Doctor asks us few questions, maybe checks the blood pressure, draws some blood and gives a verdict that we call diagnosis.

According to her/his diagnosis, our condition becomes labeled as disease and poisons (medicament’s) are prescribed that will improve the way we feel.

This is a standard procedure but is it a correct one? Is the verdict really true? Is our condition really a disease or something else?

The word “diagnosis” comes from Greek language. In this language di means two and “agnosis” means not knowing. This means two not knowing what a hell is going on but never the less, you will go home with a bag of poisons that are supposed to make you feel better and cure you.

If we further examine the situation, all medicament’s are toxic and they are forbidden to be used if you are healthy. This is why you need an health expert to write you a prescription (“prescribere” to order).

Now you are ordered to take poison that would make healthy human sick but somehow, now when you are not feeling well this poisons are going to cure you. Does that make any sense to you?

More about it in the panel discussion below.

It is the time we start thinking with our brains and not just follow where others lead us. Listen, absorb everything so that you have all the information there is but before you make a move, think of what you have been told before you take an action.
Love, light and happiness.



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