HIV-AIDS bio. weapon

I am surprised discovering that there are many people who are not aware about AIDS being intentionally invented as a tool for depopulation.

So here is one video that will introduce you to truth about this mild virus that can destroy lives of malnourished people.

Why I say “mild virus”? Because if your immune system is strong, this virus will not affect you. This is why this virus was used on malnourished population of African people. AIDS was spread there by vaccination of children. This is why African children are so much affected by it. It is a criminal action of  the WHO (World health organization) that was spreading this disease as they are now spreading polio and other vaccine induced diseases.
HIV was first tested on gay population on the west coast of the USA. This is how actor Rock Hudson was infected. After proven to be effective it was weaponized by vaccines and spread in Africa from where the misinformation came that it was created by African people having intercourse with monkeys. I have told you that “scientific truths” spread by media are all lies. Those lies are continuing as far as vaccines are concerned.
If you still doubt?
In the rest of the world, for aids to be effective (destroy health) the bodies immune system has to be lowered. This is done by aids “cocktail” that is supposedly given to protect you from this disease. In fact after detecting the virus, you are given the poison in the name of protection that will destroy your immune system. In the process it tackles the pathogens as well keeping you healthy. The problem is that as soon as you stop taking the AIDS “medication” your health goes down since there is no immune system to protect you. Now you are forever hooked on pharmaceutical product and living in fear.
So what can we do about it?
Very simple,
cleanse your body and reinforce your immune system.
Your body will take care of the virus. By changing the environment in your body you will eliminate the virus from your body. It is easy to do once when you understand the problem.
Simply follow Self healers protocol
Disclosure my friends.
s g9


22 comments on “HIV-AIDS bio. weapon

    • Body can heal from any disease. When you electrify the blood, AIDS virus cannot attack any more and immune mechanism starts performing again. Dr. Robert Beck made blood electrifier for that purpose brother. I had couple AIDS patients and they are living normal lives again.
      I do not lie. I talk from my experience. There are no diseases. What we call disease is just bodies response towards the toxicity. All names we have attached to the symptoms are bogus and they are nothing more than money laundering devices.

  1. if you watch the television or read medical book you would know that aids is incurable and aids medications increase life span not weaken immune system thats why magic johnson can live so long with this disease.

    • Medical books are full of lies and so is the information that comes from the Tel a lie Vision. I have helped several people to heal from AIDS so why would I trus anybody but my experience my friend?

  2. sir aids affect the t cells also body does not realise it is being attacked by aids thats why aids is incurable disease.white blood cells cannot fight off aids either so you have it for life.

    • YAHIKO hi.
      You may have AIDS virus and not knowing you have it because it will not present any health issue, same as herpes virus. I have helped several people to overcome it and they live happy lives feeling healthy and strong.
      In time virus will be eliminated by the body. Body never supports what it does not need. Love and light

    • There are many factors involved. One is because we have very week immune system because the way we eat. People with strong immune system do not get affected by AIDS virus and do not know that they have it. Other reason is that our body does not recognise it as intruder. But when we clean our body, virus has no food and with recovered immune system body will conquer it and heal.

    • I have never said that Bill Gates has something to do with AIDS. He has everything to do with global depopulation by poisoning people through his vaccination program.
      And it is possible to heal from AIDS. There is no such a thing as incurable disease.

  3. the problem with aids is that immune system does not attack it thats why it is an incurable disease.scientist made this virus in a lab they were very smart people

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