VOODOO medicine?

Modern allopatic medicine is strictly “science” based and symptom oriented approach to curing a patient.

If we exam what I have just said we come to basic conclusion in which nothing is taken to consideration but “scientifically” proven and accepted truths and we are not addressing healing but curing which means preserving I assume a status quo (as it is, no change) in the health of the patient.

Since we have boxed science into small individual compartments that are kept separate it is virtually impossible to get to the real truth. Independent studies have proven that 85% of drugs did worse than placebo pills when administered as prescribed by pharmaceutical companies. This shows not only that they do not work as advertised but also that they are worsening patients situation because placebo shows better healing results.

Now why did I use the word healing and not curing? Because placebo does not affect the cellular function by suppression and whatever change o cures is achieved by direct cellular response and contributes to healing and not preserving status quo.

All of this may be very confusing especially to university trained professionals where energy is ignored and spirit is a Taboo mentioned only in a whisper.

Through my work I came to conclusion that the only remedy that can help cellular healing is energy (frequency) that will not stress cells and force them to fight and flight response but will aid them so that they can initiate self healing response. Nothing can heal our cells but cells themselves.

So where does the energy come from?

It can come from proper food, drink, light, smell, sound and electromagnetic wave like the one transmitted by our brain what is exactly what happens in placebo effect. Now we should start whispering but as we are braking a way from fraudulent mainstream medicine we can openly address this issue.

Please watch the show below.

In my opinion the near future of our medicine is in utilizing our brain as frequency transmitter for healing not only our bodies but others, animals and mother Earth. With our brain we can eliminate radiation and pollution and we can do it instantaneously directly or through use of crystals.

Whole new type of knowledge is opening to us. Please do not reject it, absorb it and give  chance to your brain to calculate with more information.
Love and light my family


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