How to CLEANSE your body

Frequently I am being asked about all types of cleanses that are available in the alternative medicine. As you see I have specified “alternative” medicine because in allopatic (mainstream medicine) cleansing is not used. The usual targets are the liver, kidneys and colon.

Transplant Surgery - Liver Transplantation

“Experts are claiming that those are the crucial organs that need to be cleansed in order to have healthy body.

Wait a minute, what about the pancreas, intestines, lymphatic system, nervous system and above all the circulatory system. You want to tel me that those are less important and that flushing three organs will make dramatic difference??? “Bolax.”  Cannot be.

So for example coffee enemas. Sticking several liters of toxic product as coffee in your but causes cellular shutdown. High level of caffeine causes stress response on the cellular level Cells stop absorbing water and cleansing organs receive message to get rid of it so you will get diarrhea and urinate a lot. “Experts” will tell you how great job they have done since now you are cleansing colon and kidneys and they will slap liver there as well, why not how can you judge?. NONSENSE in progress.

So called targeted cleansing of organs is being done with toxic remedies. They force cells to alter their metabolism and get rid of the poison. This causes diuretic effect, sweating, diarrhea, vomiting, phloem…and “experts” will tell you how great job they have done to purge your system. Yes they have purged the cleansing organs by eliminating the poison they have used in the process and during the process other toxins were expelled as well. So yes the objective was achieved but this is far from real cleansing that has to be done so it has to be repeated several times a year. Thanks but no thanks. There is much better way to cleanse the body. Not just the few targeted organs but all organs and tissues. This type of cleanse goes to cellular level. This means every cell in your body will get the opportunity to eliminate its toxins. This cannot be done with medicinal remedies because they interfere with cellular activity and force cells to stop hydration. Hydration is the clue of cellular cleansing. Cells cannot clean themselves without water and they cannot absorb water without adequate amount of sea salt.

Since we are talking about cellular hydration we must have in consideration that cells will not hydrate if the blood is toxic. Clean blood is requisite for cellular hydration and subsequent cleansing.

Knowing this it becomes obvious that cleansing cannot be done in one day or even in one week.Cleansing on the cellular level is a process with strict rules and it is explained in my book. By following Self healers protocol you will do just that, cleanse on the cellular level and allow your cells to rejuvenate and heal themselves. Any other type of cleansing is just symptomatic and trivial. Forgot to mention  expensive.

Colon is often full of sediment and it is advisable to use holding enemas with water and sea salt. This will macerate the stuff and help your body to eliminate it. Often when implementing Self healers protocol you will start with diarrhea as your intestines start to cleanse.

Sometimes thirsty cells will take in all the water and leave you constipated. If you need guidance do not hesitate to contact me.

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