More and more people are aware of great antiseptic properties of colloidal silver but great attempt is made by “big pharma” to discourage people from using it. Not surprise there since good quality colloidal silver is the most effective disinfectant there is and it cannot be patented since everyone can make it at their home and to make it, it costs peanuts. Yes it really costs insignificant amount of money to make it and no special equipment has to be bought to do so.

Often when you start Googling colloidal silver  this poops up

heard about these people today and found it fascinating! Genealogy ...

ARGIRIA- pharma invented new disease to scare you a way from something that can ruin their business.

I am not going to write about the benefits of colloidal silver. There is plenty information on the Internet about it. I am going to give you the information of its safety and manipulation.

Is colloidal silver safe for everyone?

The answer is YES.

What about argiria? I am using colloidal silver for 13 years and I am providing colloidal silver to hundreds of my clients that are lazy or do not want to be bothered to make it for themselves and not one has ever shown signs of argiria.

Does argiria exist?

I do not know. Theoretically it is possible. If you saturate your body with huge amounts of silver, body will cleanse it out. Part of cleansing may go through the skin. As soon as it gets exposed to the Sun it will oxidize and turn gray. This is the logic behind it but I have not seen it. Having in consideration the price of colloidal silver, you would have to be a millionaire to be able to afford such amount of colloidal silver to achieve this effect.

Talking about the price of colloidal silver this is another rip-off. Silver is inexpensive and the process of making colloidal silver is simple so there is no reason for the cost to be high. Unfortunately we are trained to think that if something costs more, it is better. So I had to raise the price of my colloidal silver since people prefer to order it through Internet because my was to inexpensive to be “good”.

Do not buy colloidal silver maker because they mostly produce ionic colloidal silver and that type of colloid is almost worthless. For fraction of the money you can make your own nano particle colloidal silver. Most likely you have at home laying around all the parts necessary to make one. All that you need is to get pure 0.999 silver wire, distilled water and you are in business.

How do you know that what you have is good nano  colloidal silver?

It will be yellow and it will oxidize if exposed to the sunlight turning its color into gray.

The color may vary in its intensity according to PPM of silver in suspension. More silver particles in nano size, more intense the yellow color. There are people mixing all kinds of stuff to achieve this color. This is why I make my own. Colloidal silver should not contain anything else but distilled water and silver. The color comes from the particle size.

It is all result of frequency. As light separates when it goes through a prism we see different frequencies as different wave lengths so they produce different type of colors. Higher frequency, shorter wave length, brighter color. With particles suspended in water, small particles of one thousand of one millimeter will produce effect of yellow color in the water. We call them nano particles. As the size increases the suspension changes color into red. This type of silver colloid is not good because the particles are to big for absorption and you waste a lot of silver.

Ionic solution has no particles, just ions. Ionic colloidal silver has virtually no silver in it and its oxygen absorption is negligible. There is not enough silver to oxidize and deprive pathogen of oxygen to make difference. It is a waste of money and time.

You know by now that I do not recommend any medicinal remedies or supplementation but I highly recommend that you have in your house nano colloidal silver at all times. Use it as disinfectant of food and equipment, as antiseptic on wounds or antidote for food poisoning. There are plenty other uses for it especially if you have animals in your home.

If you are interested to learn how to make your own nano colloidal silver let me know. For a small donation I can send you list f things you need to make your own colloid maker or we can hook up on Skype where I can demonstrate the whole process.

By the way this is my new photo.

Just kidding. I do not wear glasses!!!




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