Having a problem to fall in sleep? INSOMNIA

Do you have problem to fall in sleep? Well you are not the only one. More and more people are suffering from this problem this days.

This used to be a problem of elderly people but now even young people have this problem. Doctors are instructed to immediately reach for pharmaceutical remedy and most of them do not even try to find the underlying cause for this problem. Sleeping pills do not induce deep sleep that is necessary for cellular recuperation. In fact they just dope you down. They suppress brain activity producing tiredness and superficial sleep in which you wake up multiple times and fall back in sleep. Since you are doped you do not recall this and you think that you had a good night sleep. This is far from the truth.

What is sleep and why do we need it?


During the day when we are awake and active our cells are very busy. For their activity they require a lot of energy.  There is only one type of energy and that is electricity. This electricity is produced by every cell in our body but this electricity is not sufficient to run our body during the day when we are very active. A lot of this electricity is produced by our heart (heart chakra) and it is send to the brain. Brain as a central switchboard distributes the electricity where it is needed.

We were told that brain produces the energy that it uses. As you see this is incorrect. Actually our brain is the biggest energy user in our body. Brain is not just a switchboard but a potent electromagnetic frequency transducer. It receives and sends electromagnetic waves. Everybody that uses such equipment (for example radio transmitter) knows that it uses tremendous amount of power. The more we are concentrated and submerged in our thoughts, the more energy our brain will use and less energy will be available to run the circuit board that supply  cells with energy. This forces cells to use their own energy. Often cells do not have enough so they have to juggle between their own energy needs and energy they have to share.  I do not want to go to deep in this now, just to explain how brain’s activity interferes with cellular work.

What is sleep? Sleep is a state where the brain quiets down. The switchboard becomes inert. This allows the heart energy to spill all over and flood the cells. They increase hydration and detoxification. They produce glycogen in amount of estimated need according to cellular experience. If cell is damaged this is the time that the cell will work on fixing the problem.

As you can see, sleep is crucial so that the body can function normally. It is like a pit stop for a racing car. And the only good sleep is a deep relaxing sleep.

In my opinion there are only two underlying causes of insomnia. First is blood toxicity and the second is brain activity.

Toxic blood will interfere with cellular hydration. This triggers a chain reaction of negative consequences. It is not necessary to enter the chemical analysis. Simply as I have explained many times cells do not want to hydrate with toxic blood so they themselves become polluted and toxic. Instead of happy living and producing necessary chemicals, they close themselves down, start producing stress proteins (heat proteins) and become dormant. This is reflected in chemical dis-balance and insufficient energy so the whole system is taken out of wack. We feel constantly tired, drained, nervous and not capable to fall in sleep. The sleep is superficial and we wake up multiple times and during the day we are sleepy but cannot achieve relaxing rest.

Medicinal remedies of any kind prevent cellular hydration so if you are on any kind of medication you may have problems with insomnia.

As long as our brain is active, the energy is being used and it is not flooding our cells so deep sleep cannot be achieved. Our brain will be active if we are troubled with problems or excited about something. Often we cannot sleep before a trip or before getting the expected gift…

Not only our thoughts will keep our brain active. Brains switchboard will keep it active as well. One of the things that will keep switchboard active is digestion. So if you eat late and especially if the food is slow digestible this will prevent the brain from disengaging until the digestion is over. So no sleep is possible until then.

Here I have explained what prevents us from having a good night sleep so now you can fix the problem if you suffer from insomnia.

Cleanse your blood, do not eat late and control your excitement or fear.

If you follow the Self Healers Protocol I am sure that your insomnia problems will disappear and you will sleep like a baby.

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2 comments on “Having a problem to fall in sleep? INSOMNIA

  1. Hey Darko, speaking of sleep, what position is best to sleep in? I have a “straight neck” so the chiropractor recommends I sleep on a firmer pillow (head would be a bit elevated). But I notice in poorer nations where people don’t have the same issues we do, some people don’t even use pillows….or they use very light pillows.

    • Hi Chris.
      Some people sleep on their backs, some on their side or their stomach.
      I prefer to sleep on my side in a fetal position with a small pillow that is big enough to keep my head in the level of my shoulder.
      Sleeping on the back often promotes snoring as extended neck opens the mouth. Having a pillow will help this situation but to high pillow may cause neck pain.
      It is good to sleep on a hard bed so that the spine remains straight.

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