Honey hurry home, I am OVULATING!!!

This is a “Planned Parenthood” moment. How romantic. No wonder so many marriages end up in divorce.

men stress out too not just women stress can wreck your health ...

It is true that more and more women have trouble to conceive and problem is related to health issue of the man or woman involved. Unfortunately money gets in the way as usual so medical industry is scoring big and in the process it is destroying the family. Attention is again all in the wrong places.

Is this supposed to sexually stimulate the man?

I know, it is not all in stimulation but happiness has a lot to do with the outcome.

To become pregnant woman has to be ready but not the way we are told by the medical industry. Stop driving yourselves crazy and do what is really necessary.

Hydrate your body.

This is important for woman, same as for the man, but in this article I will talk about the necessity of hydration for woman because women do not only experience problems in conceiving when dehydrated but they experience problems during the pregnancy, during child birth and during breast feeding. This is wide topic and I should write a “Manual” about it. I will try to give short compact version and point on the most obvious problems in procreation caused by dehydration of mother to be.

1   Problem to conceive.

When woman is dehydrated, cleansing organs do not cleanse well so the blood will be polluted. This creates bloody and prolonged menstruation as the body is trying to cleanse the blood by eliminating the toxic blood so it can make new cleaner one. Dehydrated cells that form Fallopian tubes decreased in volume so Fallopian tubes become narrow and because of acidity often inflame. This makes it impossible for the egg to pass through.

Polluted blood causes creation of cysts and fibrosis in uterus. If satisfactory cleanliness was not achieved body will terminate pregnancy. By aborting it will further eliminate toxic blood and prepare the body for new pregnancy. Hydration allows the blood to be cleansed and those problems disappear.

2    Morning sickness

Morning sickness is a normal occurrence during a woman’s first ...

We are being told that this is normal experience. Did you ever see something like this in animal world? We humans are not the exception. What is not normal for animals is not normal for us so why is the morning sickness happening?

Since dehydrated body cannot properly cleanse utilizing its cleansing organs, it will do this by purging itself in the morning. Vomiting is nothing more than purging. If you want to avoid this purging process, hydrate so that the body can keep itself clean and there will be no need for purging.

3           Painful child birth.


Child birth should not be that painful. As woman body is dehydrated on cellular level her muscles shrink and lose elasticity. This makes the process of opening and adjusting for birth inefficient and dry. No wander it creates so much pain.Water deliveries are way more comfortable but if woman hydrates before time the whole process of child birth becomes pleasant experience.

4         Newborn babies vomiting and diarrhea occurrence.

    Babies born to dehydrated and toxic mothers will purge as soon as they get the chance. This will result with child vomiting and having diarrhea. Such a child should be hydrated and helped to detoxify. Medication will just stop cleansing and cause further problems later in life.

5         Not having enough breast milk.

Common Breastfeeding Problems for Mother and Baby | Healthhype.com

Dehydrated woman will not be able to produce enough milk. Her body will be reluctant to part with the water it has so proper hydration is absolutely necessary. If woman experiences lack of milk even when she hydrates than drinking water in which oat meal was soaked overnight will stimulate milk production.

Do not give children baby formula. They are all toxic and full of sugar. They cause digestive problems and dehydration. Because of formulas children have sickly lives. If child is suffering with digestive problems, burping, vomiting and diarrhea supplement it with plenty of water with pinch of sea salt in it so that it can cleanse.

Here I have briefly touched the problems of motherhood by pointing to the most common problems experienced by mothers and mothers to be. Please do yourself a favor and before you decide to become pregnant and have a baby prepare your body for this experience. Start with proper hydration at least three months prior of getting pregnant and you will see that the whole experience can be a pleasant one.

What Being A Child Of A Teenage Mom Taught Me - The Young Mommy Life

About hydration, cleansing and healing you can read through my articles on this site or in my book “The Owners Manual For The Human Body” and the hydration process is detailed in “Self healers protocol”.

Love, light and happiness


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