OSTEOPOROSIS and the danger of calcium supplementation

Do we have to be frail as we grow older?

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This is a common image and something we are told to accept as the time passes us by. Our health deteriorates and when you get to certain age and something is wrong with your health the common answer received from your doctor is “what do you expect? you are not getting younger” or “at your age this is normal”.

Is this really so??? Of course not  and here I will explain couple of things using bone decay as an example.

It is common to see elderly people with brittle bones. What causes this? Is this caused by oxidative stress since oxidative stress is blamed for our aging process? Of course not, all this oxidative stress nonsense is just excuse for our misunderstanding of what is going on in our body. Our cells are more than capable to deal with whatever is going on if we just let them and stop depriving them from water and stop poisoning them on daily basis.

So what happens with our bones not as we age but as we poison our body.

Our bones are supporting our body. Depending on our weight and our activity our bones adjust in their thickness. Our body is perfect structure and cells never do things that are unnecessary or that will do them harm. So if something wrong happens cells are not to be blamed, they are just trying to adjust to the environment that we provide for them so if we provide wrong environment, problems occur.

Since bone thicness is matched to the weight and pressure that they are exposed to daily any change in one or the other will cause them to develop cracks until they readjust to the new norms. So if you are normally walking and all of the sudden you trip and bounce heavily on one leg, small fractures (fissures) will happen. Immediately bone cells osteoklasts will secrete acid to dissolve calcium and salt. This material will go into blood circulation. Bone will reinforce damaged bone with collagen fibers and then another bone cell called osteoblast will secrete alkaline buffer called phosphatase to sediment back the calcium from the blood. This is a daily action. This is why heavy people have “big bones”. Same is with people who do high impact sports. So why do some people have problem rebuilding their bones?

In most cases it is the lack of the buffer phosphatase in the bones. If there is no buffer no alkalinity can be achieved and no calcium sedimentation will occur. So as the bone gets damaged, osteoklast dissolves it but osteoblast cannot redeposit it. Now the amount of calcium in the blood circulation raises and the bones become brittle.

Level of calcium is rising in the blood and plasma and as they get saturated kidneys start to eliminate surplus.

Why there is a lack of buffer in the bones? Because we have changed the environment in the body. By acidifying the blood with wrong food (glucose and fructose from carbohydrate rich diet), acid loaded drinks as Coca-Cola and the rest of junk refreshments, coffee, alcohol…we are forcing our body to extract buffers from bones so that alkalinity of the blood can be maintained since without it we would die.

Now you have learned how acidic food damages your bones and not lack of calcium as we are being told. Supplementing with calcium creates another set of problems. Body is cleansing itself from excess of calcium it cannot deposit and we keep bringing it in. Since blood is kept alkaline, the alkalinity causes calcium to sediment in the blood vessels causing their sclerosis. Since lymph is also maintained alkaline, calcium will start to deposit itself in articulation and on the surface of the bones.

Calcium will be deposited anywhere there is alkalinity

Calcium Deposits Face http://www.healthhype.com/calcinosis-cutis ...

Calcium deposits in the skin.

I often mention that we should not use supplements until we have cleansed our body and changed its environment to where it should have  been, because we may cause more problems with saturation of unnecessary elements.

Understanding our body is the only way we can help ourselves to heal so I urge you to read my book “The Owners Manual For The Human Body” and if you implement “Self healers protocol” you will change your bodies environment where it should be and give your body opportunity to heal itself. Why not to age gracefully?


This is my recent photograph. I am 60 years young now and since I have changed my habits several years ago, every year I look and feel younger and so can you. Our age has nothing to do with how we look and how we feel. We can look and feel young until the day we die of old age.

Love and light


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