I often write about dehydration and there is a good reason for it. Our body experiences great difficulties when it is lacking the water and it expresses it in many ways.

Lady on the photograph is showing dehydration on her skin and this is mostly what people refer to as symptom of dehydration. But in fact there are plenty other symptoms expressing cellular dehydration in the body. In this article I will focus just on one and this is cellular dehydration of muscles in our body. Even here I will have to be brief since it may take a book to go into a detail of consequences of dehydrated muscles in the body. As you know muscles are composed of millions of cells that are placed in a membrane called tissue. A bunch of this tissue forms muscles. We have many different types of muscles. Some are holding our skeleton together, some form cavities of our body, some form openings that open and close by their actions, some allow ayes to focus, some allow blood vessels to expand and constrict…

When muscle cells are well hydrated they are pressurized and round. As they start dehydrating their form and volume changes. They become first oval then flat and ultimately wrinkled like an old skin or dry fruit and that is how typical cancer cell looks like. As their form changes so does their volume and they become smaller. When thousands of cells in a muscle diminish their volume so does the whole muscle and not that it just becomes smaller it looses elasticity and tension.

For starter, our body is supported by skeleton and this skeleton is held in a place by muscles. As those muscles lose tension and elasticity, the joints become loose.

Joint painbones joints

Experiencing cracking noise from articulation is one of the signs pointing to this problem. As such muscles have difficulty keep the skeleton stable people experience scoliosis (twisted spinal cord), they hunch,  dislocate joints easily…

What happen if sphincters (round muscles that close orifices in the body) dehydrate and loose flexibility? They start leaking since they cannot close properly.

200 400ml internal sphincter external sphincter http www studyblue com ...You drip urine, or it escapes uncontrollably.

daud ibrahim wife pic , fistula in ano treatment by laser , colorful ...Excrement may not be able to be controlled.

Procedure, part 1    Stomach content cannot be controlled and it backs up in your mouth (reflux).

Cholinergic and Adrenergic Mechanisms 3Retina cannot be properly closed and aye cannot focus (we need reading glasses).

Fallopian tubes narrow down and woman cannot conceive, heart valves do not close properly and blood starts to leak back. Heart valves deform like a prune and cause further leakage.

Hernias Diagram Muscles of the stomach cavity decrease in volume and hernias start to open.

As joints get loose you start having clicking noises as you chew your food or move your knee or squeeze your fist…

Now here with few pictures and words I have described dozens of so called chronic diseases with numerous names attached to them. What is more important is the fact that doctors are so mislead that they have no idea what causes these problems and how to treat them. No medication will help, not even medicinal plants because they do not help cellular hydration. In a fact they prevent it and have to be suspended if you want to heal. How simple and yet “incurable” if you ask your doctor for opinion.

People are asking “when will be the disclosure?”. It is here and it is coming in many different ways. Who seeks shall find.

Thank you for visiting my blog and supporting my work. If you can please donate to make it easier for me to help others.

With love, light and compassion have a blessed day.






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