“HORMON-IZING” our body.

The use of hormones to achieve certain results is increasing and there are many people that gabble them like they are cookies. Many diseases are blamed on hormonal deficiencies or their imbalance and they are rendered as necessary to supplement if patient had thyroid gland or ovaries removed.

Is this really so?  Do we need to supplement with hormones ?

Most commonly, hormonal imbalance is blamed when women enter menopause. Menstrual cycle has stopped for some time and women feel like their bodies are changing. It becomes unpredictable. It will manifest cold sweats, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, nervousness, irritation, short temper….

If woman in this stage accepts hormone therapy the symptoms will quiet down but is this necessary?  How come that this does not happen in nature? No wild animals have those issues. So what has happened here?

Everything that our cells produce is being produced on demand and not by chance or because it was designed like a machine to do so. Cells receive the information of what is necessary or required and they fill the order. So if imbalance happens it means that either cells are incapable to fill the order or the order was never given.

If cells are incapable to fill the order it means either something is what they are missing or they are in defense mode (run and flight mode as Dr. B. Lipton calls it). I have noticed that as far as menopause goes the prevailing problem is the defense state of the cells in the body.

Let us examine what is happening to women’s body.

For years women blood was kept as clean as possible. One of the mayor blood cleansers was the menstrual cycle. Every month woman was eliminating a lot of blood and replacing it with new made one. And all of the sudden this has stopped. Now the polluted blood is trapped in the body and the pollution is rising. There is little cleansing happening same like in man and the cellular environment is becoming increasingly polluted. Cells start slowing down their hydration and instead of focusing on filling the orders, they start selectively producing just the more important chemicals because they are short on water and building material.

The symptoms women feel are supposed to be the warning signals that something has to change so that cells can function normally but this is not what we are told. We need to interfere with the body by giving it what we think it needs. Yes we will achieve improvement on one end of the stick but deterioration on the other as every woman knows.

“So what should I do?” you may be asking. It is simple, help your body to cleanse so that your cells can experience clean environment and you will see no more problems. If you are wondering how to do that, I have three words for you: Self Healers Protocol. By following this protocol you will hydrate and cleanse your body and give it everything it needs to rebuild itself.

If you are wondering “but what can be done if thyroid gland or ovaries have been removed surgically?” Do not worry, your cells know what to do, you have plenty of stem cells floating around eager to do some work. Just clean the cellular environment (blood and plasma) and “miracle” will happen, you will start filling the order for hormones as required, no supplementation will be necessary.   Pharmaceutical companies would downsize immediately if doctors would have been told the truth and since they have no time or are not interested to learn the truth, here it is served to you on a platter. All that you have to do is to use this knowledge and enjoy your life.

Love, light and happiness.

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