The science as we know it is crumbling.Daily we are awakening to new understandings and new concepts that prove our beliefs to be wrong and the science of yesterday to be obsolete.

Reason for this is the way we are educated and controlled. Science is compartmentalized, separated from each other so we are forced to look for the answers in the same box. This is often not possible because everything there is is fundamentally connected so at the end it is impossible to explain one thing without exiting its box and connecting to the box next to it. For example in medicine we are told that we are a chemical bodies, that all the impulses are chemically transferred and only by utilizing chemical remedies we can help the body to regain its health. This is why we have chemistry and bio-chemistry in medical school. Every other possibility is ignored and ridiculed. Even now when scientists openly talk about the electromagnetic potential in our body, strong electric currents that flow through neurons and bio-light that is emitted by our cells none of it is taught to medical students. It is all same old nonsense science we have been told in the past. No wonder why doctors cannot heal anybody. Not only that they cannot heal, they are poisoning people with their actions. We will never be able to understand the way the things work if we do not brake those boxes science made and connect the loose ends.

In my articles on the FREQUENCY and WATER I have explained how chemistry is just a expression of physics and that all is controlled by our mind utilizing the thought. Why do I come back to this? Because this is the most important fact that one has to understand when we are talking about our life so naturally it is the most important fact concerning our health.

Independent studies have shown that placebo is more effective on regaining health than 85 % of tested correctly prescribed pharmaceutical drugs. How is this possible? The only explanation is the fact that even properly prescribed pharmaceutical drugs are having poisonous effect and do not do what they are designed to do. This means that the medicinal effect that helps patients to improve their health and feel better is coming from somewhere else and not the chemical compound the patient was given. So what is it that heals the body? It is the cells themselves by influence of our thoughts. We think we are being helped so we are getting better. How is this possible? Well, this is what Cabal was keeping hidden from us so well that they themselves forgot to implement. This is why we have Dick (Cheney) having heart transplant and Clit (Bill) with cancer.

Understanding the power of our thoughts is very important. Our belief can ether heal us or make us sick. Because we are living in fear we manifest diseases and it is very difficult for us to trust anything that is different from what was implanted in our mind during our life. For us to be able to relax and have confidence about what we are doing in regard to our health we have to be able to connect it with what we “know” is the truth. So if we “know” that Sunlight causes skin cancer and we know that salt raises our blood pressure we are going to be scared to expose ourselves to those things even if we hear that this is not truth. Our thoughts will create anxiety, fear and will produce the effect that we expect.

This is the reason why I spend hours explaining to my clients the facts and demonstrate things from the nature so that their mind can grasp a glimpse of truth that was suppressed and unknown to them because no matter how good you eat and how well you follow instructions if your brain does not understand it, your subconscious mind will manifest differently. Since what we have to do to heal is contrary of what we have been told whole our lives for most people it is very scary to follow my protocol. Just imagine having high blood pressure and stopping using “medication” and starting to drink water with sea salt in it!!!! The blood pressure will go through the roof. And yes it does. One reason is because the blood vessels are filing up to normal levels and they are dehydrated and stiff but the more important factor is the anticipation because we are doing something that we “know” will do this. This is why it is crucial that we are exposed to more open views and we have to absorb things without judgement. Our brain is capable to calculate only by using the information it possesses so more information it has, the more answers it will be able to give you and more chances you will have to get to the truth.

If you doubt the power of your mind I urge you to watch this video

Now you know that we do not have to worry about anything if we understand who we are and how powerful are our thoughts. We will clean this planet of ours in a second but only after we understand so that we can breach the strongest filter preventing us to create and that is our belief.
 Keisha mentions if you use crystals you have to tell the crystal what you want it to do. Word is amplified thought so please wake up, absorb what you hear. Let it sit and settle so that your brain has more information to work with.
The future of medicine will rest on our thoughts. Live in the NOW and this means concentrate on everything that you do. Every thought manifests so as the Bible states; be careful of what you think (want) because because you will get it. Who lives by sword, dies by sword. So live by love and LIVE.
I love you brothers and sisters, let us help each other so that we can rejoice in the New World we are creating.
Love and light
2011-1 029


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