“Nagg-alizing” about toxicity of carbohydrate diet.

If you are following my work you are aware that I am proponent of raw foods. Simple observation showed me the relation between dead (processed, cooked) foods and chronic diseases. In several articles I have painted the relation between dietary glucose and chronic diseases. Dietary glucose not only opens the door for uncontrolled sugar absorption into our blood but it creates genetic changes. It changes genome expression of ADF gene or as it was renamed the “sweet 16 gene” or the “longevity gene”. Here we can see how chemistry is being changed not under the direct influence of one chemical on to the other but rather one chemical influencing genome expression change and cell changes and adapts its chemistry.
When we are eating vegetables (starches, carbohydrates, complex sugars) in a raw state they are trapped inside of vegetable cellular membrane. This membrane is composed of complex sugar called cellulose. Animals do not produce enzyme cellulase that is necessary to dissolve cellulose and expose the cellular content to further digestion by animal body. We are animals so by eating raw vegetables we do not have access to those nutrients and they just pass through our body untouched. This is why we can eat as many raw bananas as we want without getting fat but if we cook them all Hell breaks loose because we get flooded by carbohydrates.
Here I recommend that you watch this video. In it Mr. David Noakes explains the marvels of Gc MAF, the protein that triggers immune system and activates macrophages to protect us from diseases including the cancer. A lot of health professionals involved in using this product were killed lately and this signifies the healing power it provides. Big Pharma cannot stand the losses of revenues from the people being healed.

Mr. Noakes is reveling the curative action of Gc MAF but he is also carefully hiding the culprit that prevents Gc MAF synthesis calling it Nagalase and explaining that diseased organ produces it and more diseased you are the less chance your body has to help itself. This means that in chronic cases there is no way that you can heal without Gc MAF that he is manufacturing and selling. I Support Mr. Noaks work and recommend Gc MAF to some of my clients but let us tell the truth the way it is.

When carbohydrates appear in our digestive tract enzyme is produced to deal with them, to break them into simple sugars glucose and fructose. This enzyme is glycoside hydrolase. In humans synthesis of this enzyme is triggered by a gene called NAGA so scientists to camouflage the culprit for its production call this enzyme NAGALASE when they are referring to it as the cause of immune system inhibition. The more of this enzyme is present in our body, the weaker immune system will the body have. This is another link that connects dietary carbohydrates to chronic diseases since strong immune system is crucial for the body to be able to fight of diseases.
To have strong immune system we have to have immune protein called Gc MAF. This protein stimulates macrophage to attack and destroy unwanted intruders including cancer cells. It appears that increased activity of NAGA gene suppresses Gc MAF protein production and this way suppresses the immune system.

Here I have explained that Nagalase is not produced by cancer cells but it is present there because cancer cell can only utilize glucose for energy production since it cannot process fat for lack of oxygen. Nagalase is present everywhere there is carbohydrate so there will be a lot of it in cancer tissue and in general people that thrive on carbohydrates will have suppressed immune system and predisposition for variety of chronic diseases. Switching to raw diet will reduce Nagalase to a minimum. A lot of people do not want to stop eating dietary carbohydrates and for them Gc MAF is real life saver and it is a criminal act of Pharmaceutical industry and their tugs the government and police to prevent this life saving protein to be available for public.

It is time for health professionals to realize the harmful action of carbohydrates and stop using glucose drip and stop giving patients food in hospitals that contains this toxic substance.

I have to express gratitude to Mr. David Nokes for his contribution to help humanity and how sorry I am to hear of his troubles. Pharma days are numbered no matter what they do and we can speed this up by waking up and changing the way we conduct our business. Let us present things as they are, without hidden agenda. We are in time of awakening and secrets are no more. Let’s join together and make this World a fabulous place to experience.

Love you all.


Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

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