The FEMALE ISSUES -higher responsibility, higher maintenance.

We are living in a particular time when the emphasis is on merging gender, “we are all the same”!!


And I thought that I was a scientist. We all get confused at times.
I had to lighten up this thematic but no matter what Cabal tries to pull through frightened, greedy no back bone entertainers actors and musicians alike and reinforce through political counterparts there is undeniable difference in gender not just in psychological but also in physiological level of our creation.
We can all notice that women can tackle multiple things at the same time. They can listen to you while having telephone conversation and take notes all at the same time. Man can concentrate on one thing and the World is passing them by without them noticing it. My wife knows that when I am working and she asks me a question, even when I answer she knows that I was not aware of her and my answer and that I did not register anything so if it is important she has to destruct me and demand that I stop what I am doing so she is sure I’ve got it.
This article is devoted to women but not in psychological sense, I will explain health problems that women are facing simply because they are women.
I always mention that polluted blood is the main cause of health problems and organs that work harder and have higher demand for cooling, energy and elimination of waste will be the first to show deterioration  problems. As an example I often mention prostate since sexually active men are suffering from prostate problems with much higher rate than men that abstain from sex.
Women on the other hand have different responsibility and that is to bare a child. This is a huge responsibility and the body knows it. To be able to deal with pregnancy the body has to be clean. Only clean body can be healthy. This is why the backbone of Self Healers Protocol is cleansing of not only the blood but on the cellular level. Clean blood is absolute necessity so that cellular cleansing can take place. This is why women can judge how polluted is their body by how strong is their menstrual cycle.
Healthy women should be menstruating no longer then 3-4 days with just two days of significant blood loss. This is enough to clean the uterus and prepare it for pregnancy. Every time woman experiences profound blood loss by menstruating for long periods of time this means that her blood is so toxic that it has to be changed. Since women in this state have polluted and acidic cells in uterus they undergo inflammation (forced hydration) and menstruation becomes painful.
If nothing is done to help the body to cleanse, it will start forming additional cleansing stations in places where it needs to be clean. Those cleansing station are cysts and tumors. It is known fact that blood exiting those stations is cleaner than the blood that entered them. This is not surprising knowing that body is a perfect creation with self healing abilities and never does anything  unnecessary or to harm itself. In long neglected cases big fibroid will develop and doctors are instructed to perform hysterectomy as the only solution. Often very polluted body will result in miscarriage as the ultimate attempt to cleanse itself and it is often nowadays experience that women will have one miscarriage and then carry full pregnancy but with morning sickness.
There are also more subtle signs of dehydration that women experience in pregnancy and that is the morning sickness. We are told that this is normal occurrence. Bull…excuse my French, but the ignorance of ” health professionals” is raising my blood pressure.
As you can see body is trying to do the best it can to keep itself healthy and all that doctors can do is to “cure” which is to try to preserve “status quo”, and this cannot be done because if we do not change our habits and help our body to cleanse, the body will be experiencing stronger and stronger health challenges (diseases).
Now get ready for the truth: all that one has to do not only to stay healthy but also to heal the body from all those problems no matter in what stage and how big the problem is, is to cleanse the body.
There is absolutely no necessity for surgery or medication of any type. All that is required is cleansing on circulatory and cellular level and how to do this is described in my book and guided through Self Healers Protocol. You do not have to believe me. Try it for yourselves.
Since I am out of the closet lesbian, you know that I admire you and will never wish you harm.
Love and light

Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

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