In the past couple of articles I have mentioned that one disease does not cause exacerbation of another rather they both develop simultaneously because of circumstances which is mostly a toxic, polluted blood. Diabetes melitus was taken as an example where various problems occur simultaneously but become pronounced at different times. Polluted blood will acidify cells in or body and cause various problems of which the most recognizable are circulatory problems which may cause skin lesions that do not want to heal leading to necrosis and, end up with amputation. I have shown you Javier’s leg that was progressively getting worse and doctors recommendation was to amputate it.

Here  Is the photo so that you can compare it with a new one taken yesterday.

DSC_0179 (2)Havier leg 2

Here you can see the progress. Lesions are closing and the leg is getting back its normal color. No amputation is necessary.

What caused for the leg to get in such bad shape? Simple answer is “medical treatment”. There is not worse pollutant than pharmaceutical medicament.

All that is achieved by allopatic medicine is symptom suppression but at the same time pharmaceutical toxins accumulate within the body and cause varieties of “secondary” problems (diseases). Connected to blood circulation some of those secondary problems are cataract and kidney failure. Cataract can be resolved by proper hydration and adding a drop of coconut oil in the corner of the eye twice a day. Similarly we can help any organ in or body including kidneys.

I have mentioned in my previous articles that lack of water in the blood will signal cleansing organs to save water and they will slow the cleansing process. So less water more polluted blood. More polluted blood less the cells will be willing to take it for their own hydration so we end up with dehydrated acidic cells. Organ that contains such cells cannot function properly. Organ that is exposed to polluted blood and will not cleanse it since it has to preserve water is kidney. So less water,less kidney action until kidney cells get acidic and fail to do their job resulting in kidney failure.

Now what is urologists recommendation? “Take it easy on water and no salt”.

What do we need to hydrate blood? Water and sea salt.

Now you can see why allopatic medicine fails. Doctors recommendations are off the wall. Completely contrary of what has to be done. Instead of helping to heal the body doctors are instructed to destroy it. Their recommendations are worsening the situation and medications that we are given are unnecessary and toxic with many side effects creating various other health challenges. This I can see very well with every case of cleansing. If client was exposed to pharmaceutical drugs the detoxification symptoms are much stronger then if no drugs were used.

Here on example of Javier who was treated for three months in a hospital as he is detoxifying the poison is leaving his body through urine and skin creating lesions like in seborrhea. They come and go as the body expels the toxic medication.

DSC_0003 DSC_0004

As you can see the lesions on the neck are starting to dry up and they star to peel of. In a month I expect all this to be healed as Javier’s body detoxifies. He is on a way to a perfect recovery and it is done by his own body, no medicinal plants or pharmaceutical poisons that they cal medication are being used.

We all have the power to heal. It was given to us by our creator and here you have it so that you can see it for yourselves.

As far as the kidneys goes lucrative business was created that involves kidney transplantation. Leave the body toxic so the average survival time of transplanted kidney will be  5 years. Repeated business, permanent supply of patients. What a scam.

On the bright note, we are awakening. Fraud is being exposed and everyone can benefit from the truth.

Now my wife and I will sit on our dirt bike and hit the road to San Roques de Cumbasa where we continue helping people to overcome health challenges. We will keep you informed and if you have some unresolved health issues do not hesitate to ask and pleas if you can donate to our cause.



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