The liquid crystal called WATER

I cannot start an article about water without mentioning Dr. Masary Emoto.

His work showed us not just that water is a liquid crystal but that water can be influenced to change the crystalline structure under the influence of energy. Since energy is manifested by frequency water can be influenced to change its crystalline structure by sound, light, electromagnetic stimulation and since thoughts are electromagnetic waves they will restructure the water as well. This shows us that water has quantum capabilities.

We are all aware of waters ability to dissolve things, carry nutrients into our body and toxins out of it. We know that body is using it to cool of by using its ability by absorbing and releasing heat and by changing its state from the liquid to the gas form (vapor)

Knowing these things about water will make it logical that dehydrated blood will have major problems and dehydrated cells will not be able to function properly. You would think that in medical school we are learning a lot about water and its importance in life. Wrong. Not a semester, nor a month, not a week not even an hour. Interesting isn’t it? No wonder that  great majority of people are dehydrated. Doctors are told at best that patients must take liquids. Most liquids if not all that are not pure water will dehydrate the body more since they bring more pollutants that have to be cleansed out of the body.

I want to bring your attention to the crystalline form of water. Images of water crystals are shown in many documentary films and on YouTube explaining how the crystalline structure is changing under the frequency of stimulants but few of us understand what does that really mean. We are shown images like this

This shows you the type of crystals water turns into when exposed to human thoughts. The last image is reversed. Water reacts to the meaning behind your thoughts. You can leave the message of your thought in a written form like writing on the peace of parer “thank you” and same crystals will form as if you were there projecting your thoughts into the water. To go further you can make just a mark on a paper and if you were projecting a thought while making the mark it will create the same crystal as your thought. For example if you think that the hook you are drawing represents the thought of “thank you” and you put the drawing on the water bottle, that water will crystallize in the same crystal .  The same things will happen when the water is exposed to the sound. Music composed with feeling of love, beauty and happiness will form beautiful crystals and music written with hate, terror and destruction will result in de-structured mush without any crystalline form.

As you can see the crystalline structure of the water is forming around your thoughts and not the written symbol of word or the tune of the sound. It does not matter what language you speak, what letter you use or what sound you make. What matters is the thought with which it was created.

Our thoughts are quantum representation that influences the photons and water is made of photons but it has a special abilities to show itself as intermediary between the physical world of three dimensional world and its quantum counterpart. It is fascinating, isn’t it?

Still we are looking on those crystals as beautiful forms not realizing exactly where is the big fuss?

The big fuss is in the property of water that changes with different crystalline structure. What are the properties of water you may ask? Well first the freezing and boiling point will be different in different crystalline expression of water. Why is that important? Well there are living creatures that survive in ice or in lava and there is no life without water possible so those creatures have water structured in a way that it can withstand those circumstances. We know now that there is water inside of DNA structure and it is crystallized in such a way that it can withstand cold of 40 degrees Celsius below 0 and not to freeze.

Another important property of water is its tension, its ability to make collective bond and this way produce drops. Higher the tension the bigger the water drops. This is how water absorption may be controlled. Lower tension easier water evaporation.

It is important to know that you can structure water to be healthy and help you in regaining your health or it can do just the opposite. There was an incident in I believe it was Japan on a business meeting where all participants got violently sick and some have even died. It was poisoning and all the they had was water. Water was tested and no poison was found. This was before we knew to check the crystalline structure of water.

Here is another information that you will find unbelievable but it is true and I invite you to try it when yo have a chance,

When we grab a hot object we usually drop it because we get burned and we stick the hand in cold water to control the pain. Still hand will hurt for a long time and blisters will appear. It will take long time for the skin to repair itself. I told you that life is highly adaptable and depends on water structure within it. Also now yo know that yo can influence the structure to change with your thoughts but also with other frequencies of energy. So next time yo get burned instead putting your hand into cold water immediately bring it close to the source of heat (open fire or hot stove..) and hold your burned place as close to the heat as you can take before tears start rolling down your face. Keep it like this for a minute letting your cells know that you are changing their environment and that they have to adapt to it. Sounds crazy doesn’t it??? You will see that after you remove the hand from fire the pain will go down and disappear within few minutes and blisters will never appear.

Now maybe you understand when I tell you to express gratitude to your water and food before eating it. It will restructure the water within it and depending on the thoughts yo send it, it will have different characteristics and aid you in whatever you asked for. We used to pray over our food before, what happened? We became to smart for the “nonsense” of spirituality. Well now you know it is pure physics, quantum physics at its best we are just ignorant and sidetracked by the “modern Science”.

Forget all you know and absorb the new. What is coming is amazing, enjoy the ride. I could be ranting about water another hour but I think that this article will trigger more interest so go and do some digging for yourselves my brothers and sisters and if you would rather look for it here I will return to this topic because there is so much more to say about it.


Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

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