Is what you are using really a SEA SALT???

Since my protocol requires the usage of sea salt, very common question is “which is a good sea salt and where do I get it?”

This may sound like a ridiculous question since the name describes it. Sea salt is salt extracted from a sea water. Simple isn’t it? Simple but not really. The reason for this is fraudulent advertising that is going on in the corporate industry where the result determines the cause. Under the corporate law, legal and lawful has nothing to do with honest and truthful. This is why dishonest advertising has taking place and people are mislead in buying the wrong items.

For example these are some of the salts claiming to be genuine SEA SALTS. As yo can see they come in a variety of colors. To me, none of them is actually a sea salt. All of them are rock salts that come from mines and not from a sea water. Industry is claiming that they are salt deposits from the time when the area was under the sea level and as Earth reshaped itself now the salt deposits are good to be used. The claim is that this kind of salts are healthier because sea was not polluted at those times.

Those claims are not correct and selling rock salt under the name of sea salt is fraudulent and should be illegal since it is misleading. Sediment-ed rock salt can never have the same properties as fresh sea salt that was extracted directly from the sea . Only freshly extracted salt from the sea can be labeled as sea salt.

You may ask “what is the fuss” since the sediment-ed salt came from the sea originally?

For one it is not true that the sea was cleaner at that time since the biggest pollutant is volcanic eruption and volcanic activity in the past was way stronger that what we experienced on this planet during our life time. Lot of sedimet-ed salts have toxic elements in them. One of those salts that are toxic is the pink salt sold as the Himalayan salt.

The other reason is that salt is water soluble and it was exposed to water that through the years washed away many elements. One of those elements that will be depleted first is magnesium. All rock salts are low on magnesium. Magnesium is one of the most important elements in our body and has to be applied regularly so salts that are depleted of magnesium are inferior and do not provide adequate mineral content to our body.

So how can we make sure that the salt we are using is real sea salt and not inferior sediment-ed rock salt?

First is the color. Sea salt looks dirty gray. Not brown, not black,not pink, not beige but gray. All the other colors are sediment-ed dirt particles and indicate rock salt and not sea salt.

Other tell is moisture. Real gray sea salt is always wet. You cannot keep it dry even in closed plastic bag so when you are buying it make sure it looks wet. The wetness is caused by the strong ability of magnesium to bond with the water. Since sea salt is loaded with magnesium the salt is always wet.

As you can see from the picture above, sea salt sticks and does not flow. This is because of its moisture content. It is common to find white iodized sea salt in Europe. Such salt flows freely because it was “purified”. Such salt is no better than common toxic table salt sold in the stores.

One would think that it would be easy to find sea salt since there is plenty of salty water on this planet. It is not so and one of the reasons is fraudulent advertising of rock salt as sea salt. Now being in Peru we have really tough time finding REAL SEA SALT. All salts that we can find here labeled as sea salt are coming from mines in Peru and none of them is coming from the sea. What a fraud.

Bare in mind that only sea salt is good salt so demand prosecution of false advertising.

With love and light

Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

15 thoughts on “Is what you are using really a SEA SALT???”

  1. When the salt is extracted from the seawater, does it leave other pollutants that may be in the water behind? Can you recommend some brands available in the US that are

    1. The benefits of freshly harvested sea salt way outnumber the possible toxic pollutants and if you hydrate well with water and sea salt, your body will cleanse the pollutants out. US imports sea salt from the Bahamas and uses it to deice streets. Also agriculture stores carry it for animals but easiest to get is Celtic sea salt.

  2. Well…. now I have to throw out all that Himalayan salt I just purchased! I had initially started using Celtic sea salt 2 years ago in my water….after reading Dr Carolyn Dean’s book, Magnesium Miracle….trying to drink 65 + oz of water a day….also adding liquid minerals and magnesium to my water (along with Vit C powder, lemon juice and stevia). I drink this throughout the day.

    Then I finally got all of my Mercury amalgam fillings replaced this April (after I found a Biological dentist…safe removal of Mercury). Had read that “expensive sea salt” had more Mercury than the Himalayan pink salt….so I switched to Himalayan.

    I do not want to add any more Mercury to my system. Had a terrible reaction last fall when a large Mercury amalgam filling expanded and broke my molar tooth. Quickly had it all removed and a crown placed….but it was not done by a Biological dentist….then, later read earlier this year about the release of Mercury in amalgam fillings, especially when filling or replacing. .At that time, Had horrible headaches, insomnia, tachycardia for weeks…I finally put the connection together. Have been trying to Detox the Mercury and other toxins with NDF from BioRay.

    Do you know if the Celtic Sea salt has a high Mercury level?

  3. Also, wouldn’t the lemon added to water help to make it more alkaline?
    I’ve been concerned since I recently tested my water with pH test strips. I have a Big Berkey water purifier that I pour our “tap” water from city into….which is loaded with chlorine and fluoride….chlorine is so strong,the smell knocks you out, bleaches your clothes and hair!
    Tap water: pH 4.5 Big Berkey: pH 5.0
    water transferred to 5 gallon container with added minerals …Ionic Trace Minerals 1.5 tsp/5 gallons pH 5.0
    Just wondering??! I started your book, but obviously got sidetracked.

    1. Christine, sea salt in general cannot have high concentration of mercury. Fish filters a lot of water so it can accumulate there but even here I have never detected mercury by muscle testing so even if it is there, it is not a problem.
      From friend I have heard that San Francisco Celtic sea salt is better then other Celtic sea salts.
      Before drinking or eating always send love and bless the food and structure the water.

      1. Unfortunately, Celtic salt, SF sea salt and others are all kosherized. This is not suitable for nonjews.

  4. I just checked the San Francisco Celtic…the prices seem good. I have quite a bit of the Selina Naturally Celtic sea salt on hand. Please tell me this is Ok?

    Thank you so very much for your response and help!

    1. Hi Christine, My family also struggled with which brand of celtic sea salt was best. We had reactions after purchasing one brand of the Celtic brand. We had used it for months, but the last time was not a good experience. The packaging was extremely wet, then we read reviews on amazon and several people gave it one star for being sludge! We too felt like it was sludge and toxic. We quickly changed to San Francisco grey sea salt and felt great! San Francisco brand sun dries it, yet there is still a dampness to it. Just thought I would share my experience. But I also wanted to write about Berkey water filter. We too use that system. But since Darko doesn’t like metal to contaminate food, we switched from the stainless steel Berkey to their plastic light version. Not for sure if Darko doesn’t like metal with water? All the pipes of water will be metal, so not for sure if the stainless steel is fine or not. We read Darko talking about plastic and he stated that plastic is not bad unless heated. It was hard for us to switch to plastic after all the years of avoiding it. But we did. We bless our water and use crystals sometimes as well. But my entire family is doing great on this regime. Years before getting the Big Berkey, we used to use reverse osmosis but that just waste too much water. But I wanted to share some recent news on the Berkey system. Mike Adams at purchased a large machine to test different products for heavy metals. He did his own independent analysis on the Berkey system and it scored extremely well. He said top filters were Berkey and some company called Zen. Both systems operate the same way. Also, we love how the water moves through the system with energy. We have had so much success with Darko’s protocol. It truly is life changing. We have been following natural ways for many many years now, doing harsh cleanses and taking huge amounts of supplements and garlic, thus never fully getting healthy. Everything Darko writes about we experienced first hand. So we are thrilled to finally be regaining energy and strength with such a positive, peaceful means. Hydrate and everything has a frequency. To us Darko gave us our life back! He is amazing!! All the best to you.

      1. Greetings…Britta N Brooke! Thank you so much for your insights and experiences. I just don’t think I can get rid of my 2 Berkey’s (Big & Royal). I’m just praying and asking Heavenly Father to bless my water and structure it to make it work perfectly with my system. I just ordered the French grey salt from San Francisco Salt yesterday!
        Thank you again!

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