One problem that is related to all chronic diseases is inflammation. Since this health problem is so common you might think that doctors are well informed and educated to deal with this situation. Unfortunately it is not so. Not that students are not told the causes of inflammation, they are deliberately lied to and the lies come from books written by controlled, supervised and regulated system we call “modern science”.

By this science students are being told that inflammation is a result of a war between gen and anti-gen (irritant and immune response). Science as we go (modern science) is presenting everything as a battle for survival, good against the bad. This shows the ignorance of the people involved on both sides of the stage. Those creating the science and those accepting it as true. If we engage our brains just a little bit we can realize that this cannot be the way. Universe is in total harmony and everything is fractal. We are looking at opposites as good and bad but how can we have any experience without them. Automatically we have to come to a conclusion that everything has purpose and in our service so that we can experience it.  Experience is the reason for being here and go through our lives.

So if inflammation is not a result of a battle, what causes it?

Imagine a tissue (small part of any organ in the body). It is a membrane filled with plasma-blood in which live cells.

On one side come a blood vessel that brings fresh blood called the artery and on the other side is another blood vessel through which the blood leaves the tissue and it is called the vein. You see, the cells are well hydrated round and pressurized. Because of polluted blood or lack of energy caused by stress the cells refuse to hydrate. In time they dehydrate because they use water for their cleansing. As less and less water is available more and more toxic elements remain in the cell. The cell is becoming acidic.

When lot of the cells in an tissue become acidic sensory receptors bring this to the attention of the brain. Since acidic cells cannot conduct electricity their electric potential drops. This causes serious problem so the brain sends order for forced hydration. Normal cellular hydration goes through osmotic pressure system of the cellular membrane. To force cells to accept the water, external pressure has to be achieved. This is created by the tissue producing histamine and vasopressine (two hormones that constrict blood vessels). This narrows the passage for blood and reduces its flow. Since arterial blood is under high pressure created by the heart, narrowing artery only makes blood entering with stronger force like when you squeeze a water hose when washing your car. Vein has no pump so narrowing its orifice makes it more difficult for the blood to leave the tissue.

Now the blood starts to accumulate in the tissue. The tissue starts to increase its volume and starts to push on sensory nerves. This produces sensation first of itchiness and as the pressure increases this sensation turns into the pain. With this extra-cellular pressure plasma is forced into the cells. Cells are forced to hydrate so that they can clean themselves so that proper voltage can be reinstated.

As yo can see, inflammation is part of healing process and not as we are told a disease that has to be stopped. By artificially reducing the inflammation (by pharmaceutical or natural poisons called medicines) we are interfering with natural healing process, preventing hydration and cleansing and this way contributing to further accumulation of toxins in our body.

Sometimes the pain is unbearable so medicinal remedies are a welcome relief but then we have to go and help the body to hydrate and detoxify on cellular level.

As you see there is no war going on. When you start understanding how the system works you realize how easy it is to help the body to heal itself from allergies and others chronic “incurable” diseases.

More about inflammation, hydration, cleansing and healing yo can find in my book.

Smile, do not worry because there is no such a thing like INCURABLE DISEASE.

Love &Light

Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

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