MIP PERU 7/15/15

Our work in Peru has a slow progress. We have visited several schools giving health lectures to teachers and it became obvious that most teachers need to go back to school themselves. We wonder how can people like this be in charge of education. Well not surprising really they are just following the curriculum and they are bored by it themselves.


This horses expression shows more interest than the eyes of some teachers that come to listen about health. Today lecture was purposefully done in the middle of the day when teachers are not tired and still some fell to sleep as soon as they sat down. There are always those few that see the light and this keeps us  going on. It is a process of awakening. If we manage to awake one human at the time we are succeeding and doing great job.

On brighter note we visited our friends in San Roque where some seminars and healing sessions are performed. What a wild and beautiful place!


Situated near river in the Amazonian rain forest it is equipped with its own water system electricity and dry toilets. Clean no smell, just nature and the sense of powerful energy. It has open kitchen and place for yoga, meditation and relaxation.

DSC01233 DSC01236 DSC01253

It is a place for those who are more adventurous.

For those that prefer more comfort there is different setup in outskirts of the jungle


Obviously Hilno is in love with this place


Spending here a week is not nearly enough. Temascal (sweat lodge) and Ayahuasca ceremonies are available in both arrangements and costs are from 150 $ US to 300 $ US per day depending on the stay and activity one chooses to experience. Incorporated are health lectures that will set you on your way of health and rejuvenation. Do not expect limo service. Here I am maneuvering the most poplar form of transportation


It’s called the moto car.

It is going back to the basics, cleanse and rejuvenate physically, materialistically and mentally. It is an experience well worth having especially in this time of change.

I am leaving you with this image of a flower


and it is real

Love and light to you, your family and friends


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