For most people mentioning of “frequency” in a blog that talks about health is confusing. This is because when we talk about health we are programmed to think chemistry and bio-chemistry and not physics. This type of separation has led us into darkness. When you compartmentalize things you lose natural flow and you are forced to look for the answers within the same box. Finding the answers is impossible to achieve and scientists start incorporating things that they cannot find simply because logic is telling them that they have to be there. This is what Nasim Haramein calls “science as you go” and I totally agree with him. To be able to understand who we are we have to understand frequency. So what is frequency and what does it represent?

To understand the importance of frequency and life connection we have to know about the double slit experiment.

You may ask why is this important? The mystery of life is in the light. Light is behaving as a wave until observed and than miraculously changes into a particles. Depending of its frequency it will be visible as different colors of light in a wave form or as different form of geometry in a particle form. The particle form of light and its geometry is called the sacred geometry and comes from a particular design called      “the flower of life”

To some of you this is known science but to most people it is not. So here is another example of how frequency changes the pattern of particles

Scientists are trying to break particles to get to the basic “God” particle. This is ridiculous because the smallest particle is “photon” which is the single particle of light. Everything we see is made of photons. Another interesting thing about the light is that it has consciousness that alerts it when it is observed and allows it to change form. This means that everything there is, has consciousness as well. It was observed that orbiting electron will change the orbit into lower orbit when receiving energy or an information and jump into a higher orbit when it is sending energy. This explains why DNA shrinks when it is under stress and expands when it is emitting energy (information).

Our brain receives the secret geometry forms and like a computer deciphers them into logical elements creating our reality. Everything that exists is defined by its own frequency and since frequency is energy in motion it produces sound. Aborigines in Australia say that everything has its own song. Since every atom has its own frequency you may understand that we radiate with billions of frequencies but we have our own distinguished electromagnetic signature that separates us from others and this way defines us as a unit. So everything that is has its own frequency that defines it but has another frequency that defines his properties. One of those is a position in space. To move from one position to another all that has to be done is to change the frequency of space that surrounds us. It is like changing TV station where on one channel you are in the Caribbean and on the other channel you are in New York.

Frequency defines our DNA and now we are in a process of rising frequency. This is starting to change our DNA, we are evolving. We are starting to understand things differently from what we were told and we are realizing that the science as we know it cannot hold the water.

Our thoughts are electromagnetic waves and they are directly influencing photons and causing “manifestation”. Now you know why I do not call it manifestation but creation. What you think, you create from energy of light that surrounds you. So be careful of what you think since we are entering in time of instant manifestations. It is critical that we let go of what we “know” as truth and absorb new knowledge like a children without judgement and comparison to what we “know” to be the truth. We are in the first grade again no matter of how educated we think we are.

It is exciting isn’t it!!!

Think LOVE



Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

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