What used to be a rear manifestation is becoming more and more frequent in young people. Seizures are not a pretty picture and could be dangerous.

When dealing with a <b>person</b> having a <b>seizure</b>, do NOT put anything in ...

The same as any “disease” seizures are treated just symptomatically and people treated that way start developing seizures more and more frequently. In medical school we are told that there is no way to reverse and heal this problem. My experience is contrary. To help we first have to know what is the cause of seizures.

Nerve Propagation & Motor Units

Neurons, the nerve cells are connected one with the other through long protrusions called the axon. Axons serve like a wire that transmits electricity. Axons are coated with thick layer of fat called myelin. Myelin serves as isolator same like plastic coating on electrical wire. This shields one axon from another.If the myelin coating gets damaged or to thin, electric signals can escape and cause sparking between two or more axons. This causes seizures.

Epilepsy. WebMD.com

Now what can cause myelin depletion? Variety things but the most common are pollution and damaged fats. Most common pollutants are vaccines and amalgam tooth fillings but also chemical fat dispersant in so called “natural juices”. The wrong toxic fats are also contributing to this problem and those fats are hydrogenated and tans fats. Problem in those fats is that they are electro-magneticaly miss-balanced and cause polarity problem if cells use them for construction of their membranes. So now the question is how to know what caused the problem and how to repair it? In my opinion this question is irrelevant. What has to be done is to cleanse the blood by hydrating it. This will allow cellular hydration and cleansing. Supply the cells with the good fats and protein so that they can repair damaged myelin coating and the problem is solved.

I had excellent results but my clients used Becks blood purifier as well. Self healers protocol with pulser is working like a charm. One can also use cannabis oil as medicinal remedy but the recovery will be slower. If you use cannabis oil do not utilize Beck’s pulser. This combination could be lethal.

Remember that one cannot hydrate without water and sea salt or if utilizing diuretics like caffeine, alcohol or neuro-supressors like garlic and some other neuro-toxic medicinal plants. Recovery period is usually between 3 to 5 months but seizures may stop as soon as in one day of applying the protocol. Important is to stop using any type of “medication” when applying the Self healing protocol.

With love and light


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