After publishing the article about the influence of black pepper on our health, I have received numerous questions “and what about turmeric and ginger or other antioxidants”.

In my book “the Owners Manual For The Human Body” I have chapter that addresses this issue so I will briefly explain my view about it.
Everything that we ingest that provokes our body to take action that normally wouldn’t do is having negative effect on our cells. Mildest negative effect on cells is stopping their osmotic pump. This prevents them to hydrate and since cells need water for cleansing, prolonged state of stopped hydration will cause them to dehydrate. In this state they do not cleanse, they become acidic and toxic. This is the main cause of chronic diseases.
If the medicinal remedy has stronger character it will stimulate cells to protect themselves by producing protective (heat) proteins. Cells will reinforce their membranes to better protect themselves and this will make it more difficult for water, minerals and nutrients to enter the cell. We know that we are in this stage if our cholesterol is high since cholesterol is the material that our cells use for reinforcing, building or rebuilding cellular membranes. This is not the only cause of elevated cholesterol but it is the most common one.
Maybe you are asking yourselves why am I mentioning all of this when I am talking about healthy stuff like antioxidants? Because we are being sold bill of goods that are crated to smear our eyes and do not make much of difference as our health is concerned.
Let us take ginger as example. Lot of people are using ginger daily as food additive, as tea, refreshment drink or as medicinal remedy against motion sickness or morning sickness. General opinion is that it is healthy to eat ginger daily.
Ginger is known in Chinese medicine as medicinal plant which it is. So why would you use medicine daily? Without knowing anything else this should be enough to stop you from doing this. We know that motion sickness is triggered in the balancing part of the ear. It is computerized sensitive mechanism that alerts us on our stability and keeps us from falling down. This computer that does this balancing act is our brain through neurons. If our brain is exposed to unusual motion it gets over stimulated and causes us to feel sick. Any mild analgesic will numb the neurons enough to slow down the activity of our neurons and motion sickness will go away. Since ginger is strong enough analgesic to numb our brain cells it is definitely affecting every cell in our body. It will not only stop the osmotic pump of the cells but it will stimulate them to produce stress protein as well. Since it slows down absorption it will be effective in food poisoning not allowing the poison to be absorbed into the blood.
These toxic effects have great medicinal value but they are not desirable in healthy body and in a long run they will create health problems.
Turmeric is also natural analgesic and in Chinese medicine is used in depression to desensitize the brain. Same as ginger it has anti-inflammatory action. Inflammation is forced hydration and part of natural healing. Instead of suppressing it we should be checking what is the cause of it and correct the problem.
Our body is protecting itself from it by limiting its absorption. Too much turmeric in the blood will alter the iron metabolism. It will also cause nausea and vomiting.
Since we eat toxic food, turmeric is beneficial because it prevents cells to absorb those things and at the same time it speeds up their elimination from the body but much better would be not to eat those things at the first place. I myself enjoy turmeric in my food occasionally but I am aware of what it is and what it does so I do not have it frequently or in high quantity.
As of its anti-oxidative properties it is irrelevant because uric acid is far superior antioxidant and we have it. By the way oxidative stress does not cause aging. Aging is genetically controlled and it can be influenced to change either way. More info is in my book.



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