Spice your life. Black pepper as food additive to help you with digestion and water elimination.

Internet is loaded with articles about the health benefits of black pepper from helping the digestion, controlling the pain, lowering inflammation to straight out destroying the cancer.

Fabulous but, is it true?

Look at the picture of black pepper, it looks like cancer cells themselves.

Here are claims about health benefits of black pepper:

  • analgesic (pain relief)
  • antiseptic
  • anti-spasmodic
  • cardiac
  • carminative
  • digestive
  • diuretic
  • laxative
  • stimulant
  • tonic

Another site claims:pepper

I am not going to pint on more sites and instead I will reveal some facts and give you material to think for yourselves.I am not going to bother explaining chemical reactions because this is the method of those who try to explain unexplainable by creating confusion. Instead I will take the simple and obvious road of common sense.

Our mucous tissue is the primary cleansing organ. This means that if something comes into our respiratory or digestive system that the body does not want it will do everything possible to get rid of it. So if some toxic, unwanted thing enters our respiration it will trigger sneezing, cough, creation of phloem and salivation.

If something unwanted and toxic enters our digestive tract it will create salivation, speed up intestinal contraction and movement, mucous secretion, lose stool and diarrhea.

All of these signs are the signs of cleansing and and we experience them when we ingest or inhale black pepper. Does this sound like a beneficial health promoting response of your body???

Most  humans are dehydrated and because of this their kidneys are not properly cleansing the blood. They are instructed to save the water. If something enters the blood that our body recognizes as poison it will instruct kidneys to override the saving water order and to use whatever water necessary to expel the toxic element. We call this the diuretic effect. Plants with this effect are called “medicinal plants” because they are being used to temporarily lower the blood pressure or reduce water retention. This is done to reduce the pain that companies those situations but we have to understand that this is not a solution and it is definitely not healthy. Contrary as our body is letting us know, it is toxic.

There is no further need to elaborate more on health benefits of plant that our body reject as highly toxic. We are trained from the beginning of our lives to follow the instruction and memorize what is good and what is bad ignoring our senses and better judgment. It is the time to wake up and smell the roses. Absorb the new knowledge, observe the World around you. Pay attention to the signals of your body and above all think for yourselves. Forget what you have learned, forget what you have been told even forget what you have just read. Experience, feel and think for yourselves . Let your body talk to you.

Perfect food will digest smooth, quietly without burping and farting. You will feel like that there is nothing digesting. Anything other than this, you are not eating correctly and medicinal additives make you to feel better. This is like drinking poison and claiming that antidote is health necessity. Learn about correct diet in my book and stop poisoning yourselves with medicinal remedies. As soon as something has diuretic properties it is poison. Dehydrates us and stops cellular osmotic pump. This contributes to cellular acidity and further undermines your health.

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