As we continue our health series showing You’re NOT sick, You’re TOX-SICK we show how these common ailments have been deliberately suppressed to create deeper and more serious dis-ease for the $ hungry, Pharmaceutical/Medi-Sin industries.

Is your body waging a war against itself? Is your deteriorating condition caused by “auto immune response?” so that there is nothing that modern medicine can do to help? More and more chronic health problems are progressive by their nature, non-responsive to antibiotics and anti-histamine’s. They are characterized by general inflammatory processes and fallowed by pain. Number of people suffering from asthma, Celliac, Crone’s disease, kidney failure, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus…and whatever name the next “disease” will be labeled with is increasing in alarming numbers. Their condition is labeled irreversible because it is triggered by autoimmune response of the body. Ultimately, people suffering from these conditions end up on pain patches and oxygen masks. Is this the best that we can do??? Definitely not. We have all been doped by “science”. The wrong, manipulated science that we call the “mainstream science”. Everything we have been told about this subject is wrong and “scientifically” manipulated. What is actually happening and how to overcome all these health issues will be the theme of this Saturdays show.

Because of some technical difficulties this show will not be presented in time but it will be presented here as soon as possible. Recap.

Let me in few words explain the connection between chronic diseases First we have to know what do we need to be healthy.

Our health depends on health of our cells that our body is composed off. Our cells to be healthy require just one thing and that is healthy environment which means clean blood and plasma. When the environment becomes polluted, cells refuse to hydrate to prevent toxins entering and polluting them. Because of lack of water, cells will not be able to cleanse themselves and become acidic. This is what creates inflammations in affected tissues. More active the organ is the more polluted its tissue will be and more inflammation will be occurring.

Every chronic disease is characterized by multiple inflammatory processes and all that allopatic (modern) medicine is focusing to do is to eliminate the inflammation.By doing this they are preventing the body to naturally solve the problem. Inflammation brings pain so pain relief becomes the object of interest. As soon as the pain is relieved we tend to think that we are healthy and this is far from the truth. This type of approach is like if your car is running low on braking fluid and the red light comes on. We bring the car to the mechanic and he asks us what is the problem? We do not know but the red light s bothering us. So the mechanic clips the wire that brings electricity to the red light and light is gone. Is the car fixed? Of course no and the problem will cure. Same will happen with our body after the warning pain is cut of. Our cells will continue to get dryer and more acidic which will prevent them to function properly and disease is borne.

Almost all chronic diseases start in this way and can be easily healed by hydration.

By hydrating we allow our cleansing organs to cleanse the blood. Cleansing will produce what we call symptoms like running nose, phloem buildup, diarrhea, skin rushes, fiver…This symptoms we are thought to call the symptoms of disease and we are told that we have to suppress them. By taking “medication” we stop cleansing and allow toxic buildup in the body.

Until we start understanding the problems that allopatic medicine is creating chronic diseases will flourish.

Read my book and learn how you can heal yourself easily, safely and completely medicine free.


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