That’s the Spirit

Putting The Soul Back Into Healing

Your body s healing abilityn
Modern Medi-Sin see you as nothing more than some biological and chemical systems, independent of each other and that when they go “wrong” surgical, biological and chemical “treatments” are all you need . You’re not even a human being, you’re a Patient. Well the people are awakening and – like the Doctors – they’re losing there patience at being seen as something to be probed, groped, poisoned, cut, burnt and worse.

We are in the midst of a health (r)evolution. A time where more and more people all over the world recognize the need for individual care where they are seen as thinking, feeling, sentient beings. Where intuitive Dr’s who “feel” there is more than just dis-ease in the physical spend time talking and exploring deeper, more subtle imbalances that can and never will be seen by MRI’s or the like.
No antidepressant or pain killer will cure a broken heart. No radiation or surgery will cut out the deep seated pain of abuse or betrayal. No scan, x-ray or examination will ever find the soul. This is the art of medicine over the practice of medi-sin.
Join us this Saturday as we explore and discuss that mind, body and spirt are not only real, but must be treated as one if we are ever to truly heal and become dis-ease free.

Saturdays at 10 am EST, 15 h London time

presented by:

India Irie, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Clive de Carle, Valerie Warwick  as your PANELISTS

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Last years independent study showed that 80% of pharmaceutical drugs tested performed worse than placebo.

How is this possible? How can inactive substance suppress symptom more effectively than “medication” designed for that particular health problem?

Reasons for this is never discussed in science especially not in medical science and this is influence of our thoughts and beliefs on our health.

How can this be possible? There is a secret that is not revealed to doctors and it is well hidden from humanity and that is the influence of our thoughts to shape our “reality” in which we are living. Many of us are aware of the law of attraction and implement is successfully but are unaware of its influence on our everyday life.As soon as doctor tells you that you have disease you become overwhelmed by fear and forget about your power to manifest, in fact you start manifesting the fear itself.

Light has two expressions, it can be a wave or it can be in a form of particle. Which way it will be seen depends on if it is being observed or not. As soon as it’s being observed it shifts from wave to a particle. This particle is photon. Photon is the “God ” particle of an atom that scientists are searching for.

Photons are electro-magnetic by nature. Thoughts are electro-magnetic impulses and like a magnet on a tape of a tape deck it will rearrange photons into the shape of the thought in question.

This is very simplistic way of explaining what is happening but I love simplicity. This makes it easier to understand.

The influence of our thoughts makes all experiments faulty because the results are influenced by our expectation. Expectation is a thought and t alters the results. All our science is based on expectation and we are now realizing that everything we have been told is incorrect. New science is emerging and we ave to change with it. Awakening is upon us my friends, open your mind and absorb so that your brain has more information that will provide it with easier understanding of who we are and what are our real abilities.

We are awakening, enjoy the ride.

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