Dr. “Do-Little” moment

Since more and more families count their pets as family members (and rightfully so) it is natural that we direct some words of hope towards them.

Farm animals have their own set of problems that are connected to the purpose that the animal is associated with. Farmers are aware that what they are doing is not correct. Partly because of the greed and partly because of pure pressure from the system they find themselves caving to convenience and pressures and drown their animals in pharmaceutical poisons in an attempt to counter the abuse and literally and figuratively “milk” the animal as far as possible.

This show will be directed towards the family members we call pets. We only want the best for them so we listen to our veterinarian and obey orders. The vet knows the best, right? Unfortunately this is not how it is in most cases.

Almost everyone that has a male cat is familiar with urethra obstruction that almost always ends up with expensive surgery. How many of you have had the breasts of your young female dog amputated to prevent mammary cancer? How many of your cats are ailing with leukemia or how many have become diabetic? How many of your dogs are on pills for heart related problems……the questions can continue infinitely.

Do you notice that your pets suffer from the same dis-eases as your family members? We do not even stop to think about it. For us this is just another ‘normal thing’. This is what we are being told and veterinarians can only do what they have been told to do in the university. Same schools, same lies and same problems.

This time our attention is on our pets. We believe you are eager to listen.

presented by:

India Irie, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Clive de Carle, as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

Listen to the show by clicking on the picture below


Same reasons that influence ill health in humans will do so in our pets. This is why they have exactly the same health problems as we do. Out pets do not eat correctly. Pet food is a junk food no matter what the packaging states.

Animals same as humans should never be exposed to dietary glucose. Pet food is loaded with it. Most of it is toxic GMO soy or rice. This is why our pets start suffering from hypertension, obesity, glaucoma, kidney failure….Since cats lovers often feed their love-ones with can food the cats will get the same disease as children fed with frankfurters, leukemia. All animal cells work alike. Human body is animal body. This is why we all suffer the same faith. Do not vaccinate your pets and start feeding them natural raw foods. Learn what is the correct diet for your pet. Do not ask your vet. since he is as mislead as your doctor. Look what is your pet wild relative eating and implement it on your love ones. Dog is omnivore. It will eat meat, eggs, fruits sometimes even raw vegetables because it will imitate you. Cat is carnivore so it can survive just on meat, liver, eggs. Parrot will eat seeds, some vegetables, fruits but it will love you if you give him/her some raw meat or liver. All animals love coconut products. I give them coconut oil and always add sea salt in their water. If you fallow this instructions you will eliminate your vet. bills.

Love you all.


Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

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