“BLOODTHINNERS”-do they really thin the blood?

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It has become common practice to give elderly human, baby aspirin daily for the purpose of thinning their blood. Now what does it mean: “thinning the blood?” How can aspirin thin the blood? Well, it does not. What we call blood thinners are medi-sins that prevent blood from coagulating. What are the side effects of daily aspirin usage? Stomach ulcers, intestinal bleeding, increased risk of pancreatic cancer, kidney damages, eye damages… The benefits of blood thinning therapy taken from Dr. Mercola site; Study Comparing Blood-Thinning Therapies to no Antithrombotic Therapy • Participants included 279 patients who were diagnosed with heart failure that required diuretic therapy • Participants were divided into three groups, aspirin therapy, warfarin therapy and no antithrombotic therapy Results of the Study • Aspirin and warfarin didn’t provide the patients with any valuable health benefits • There didn’t appear to be any substantial differences of incidences of death, nonfatal heart attacks or nonfatal stroke in the three groups of the study • Patients in the aspirin group had increased chances of experiencing serious gastrointestinal problems • Patients in the aspirin therapy group were twice as likely as the patients in the warfarin group to face hospitalization for cardiovascular complications, particularly worsening cases of heart failure during the first 12 months following the study

If you want to thin the blood isn’t it normal that you reach for water first?

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It is common knowledge that older people have thicker blood and if you ask doctor he will tell you that this is normal and it is to be expected. Is this really true? No it is not. So let me explain.

Young body is usually well hydrated  As such it cleanses better so the blood is cleaner. Result of this is watery, bright read blood.

As we get older we are becoming more toxic and dehydrated. Partly because of the toxicity and partly because of low blood water level the blood is becoming thicker and thicker. With it the color changes and becomes darker. Does this present any health problem? Definitely and not just one.

As the blood gets darker and thicker it needs more pressure to distribute it and the heart is accommodating it (increased blood pressure, hypertension).

Thick polluted blood being low on water prevent cleansing organs from efficiently doing their job so the bloods toxicity increases.

Dark and toxic blood presents toxic environment to rest of the cells in the body so they have difficulty to hydrate themselves.

Dark toxic blood is low on electricity (energy). This means that electro magnetic field is low as well. Low magnetism means that blood particles (red and white blood cells, thrombocytes, cholesterol, bacteria, fungi…) will not be able to repel and keep distance from each other so they start to congregate. this creates possibility of their contact and damage. This may result in blood-clot formation which may be the cause of stroke. For this reason doctors prescribe “blood thinners”.

Now do they really thin the blood? Of course not. So what do they do? They prevent the blood from forming blood-clot.

This results with many problems because ruptures of capillary (small blood vessels) is normal occurrence. As we interfere with the ability of blood to clot we continue hemorrhaging internally and this is causing many problems including strokes.

Again we have shown how modern medicine cre4ates way more harm and does not touch the fundamental cause of the problem.

As in most cases hydration is the key. To hydrate you need water with sea salt and energy. As you hydrate cleansing organs begin to do their job and they start cleansing the blood. The blood becomes thinner and brighter. As the blood gets cleaner the cells start to hydrate and cleanse. The health starts to be restored in the body.

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