Unlocking the shackles of humanity has begun.

At first glance this may seem not to be related with health. In reality nothing can be further from truth since all disease was caused by the system we were in. From the food alteration and food poisoning to spreading and promoting the fear.

Now the time has come to celebrate because freedom is knocking on the door.

Congratulation. I love you all


  1. Darko, is it possible for you to find another version of what this video was as the youtube account has been terminated due to ‘many copyright infringements” …haha, we know what that means, it means it was a good video saying some interesting truths! 🙂

    • That usually means that the uploader used intellectual property and video material which belongs to other people, which is perfectly illegal. You have to proof that before Youtube just deletes an account….no conspiracy here.

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