With Big-Pharma and Medi-Sin making 70% of their profits from the Cancer Industry the world has fallen for one of the biggest and most disgraceful lies perpetrated against its fellow man. That lie, promulgated by induced ignorance to the truth by well meaning people, many of which that are so called cancer survivors and /or the families of those who have allegedly died from cancer is that the world is “FIGHTING & SEARCHING FOR THE CURE FOR CANCER”, and if they only had more money for more research they will find the cure.
You have been deceived my friends!!
It is the proverbial carrot on the stick, though this carrot is perverse and poisoned and has served to deliberately miss-direct and diss-inform both the common man, doctor, researcher and scientist alike. Its deceit has caused untold suffering, fear, pain, agony and grief and has caused good people to unwittingly donate both money and energy to keep this lie alive.
George Orwell said “that In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act” and as natural doctors and researchers we can tell you that not only is that statement true but we risk much by helping those with this dis-ease commonly known as Cancer. The “legal system” not lawful system, has been written in deceit to criminalize any man/woman who dares utter a word, promote a remedy or educate a protocol or product that is outside of the Pharmaceuticals evil grip. God forbid if we use language such as “cure”, “treat” or “cancer” in the same sentence publicly.
Many great men and women have literally been destroyed before us and continue to be attacked this very day for daring to share with their fellow man what this dis-ease is and what it is not. From their understandings treatments and protocols have been developed that abide by Hippocrates Laws of “do no harm”. This in complete contrast to Modern Medi-Sins current mod operandi of “CUT, BURN & POISON”.
Join us to be updated on why this knowledge is not well known, what cancer really is, the advancements in helping people cure themselves and the miracle Natural Doctors have been waiting for GcMAF. Listen to real case histories and understand the CAUSE(S) that then dictate the cures.
Help us help YOU and your loved ones by sharing this information and listen in how you can help us and make the world Naturally Better.

presented by:

India Irie, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Clive de Carle, as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

Listen to the show by clicking on the picture below


The principal reason why humanity is suffering from so many “incurable” diseases is the MONEY.

Billions of dollar collected yearly to “save us” from cancer or diabetes are clearly strong stimulant for keeping the status quo.

So what is the truth about cancer?

Cancer is not an issue in wild animals and it presents great problem in humans and domestic animals. The major difference in between humans and domestic animals in comparison to wild creatures is the way we prepare our food. By cooking our food we allow huge quantities of simple sugar like glucose and fructose to enter our blood. This creates multiple challenges to our body from enzyme depletion, acidification and dehydration all the way to changes in genetic activation sequencing.

Knowing that cancerous cells have lost the capacity of absorbing oxygen explains why wild animals do not suffer from this dis-ease. Animal cells are programed to extract energy from fat. To do this they inject oxygen into mitochondria that separates carbon from hydrogen. Carbon gets connected to oxygen creating CO2 (carbon dioxide)  and the free hydrogen is the released energy. Since cancer cells do not have the ability to absorb oxygen they cannot produce energy from fat. This is why wild animals do not suffer from cancer. It simply does not have energy to grow.

Humans and domestic animals that humans are feeding take lot of energy from simple sugar called glucose. Glucose has its own oxygen so when it enters cancer cell it will create energy without the necessity of additional molecule of oxygen and this way it will fuel cancer growth..

We can stop the progress of any type of cancer by simply preventing it from getting glucose. You may say that our cells produce glucose so it is impossible to do so. Not true. To be able for our cells to produce glucose the cell has to get oxygen so cancer cell cannot do this nether and it is doomed to starvation.

Now you can see the simplicity of resolving the cancer “taboo”.

Why we are not told this? MONEY.

Quick cancer reduction can be achieved through special protein GC MAP. This protein is created by our white blood cells (immune system). Chemo therapy destroys the immune system and leaves us defenseless. Now it is possible to by GC MAP and fast healing from cancer can be achieved. Also electro stimulation of the blood can quickly rebuild immune system so it will produce GC MAP and liberate us from this easily treatable dis-ease.

The worst thing that contributes to development of deadly cancer is not knowing the truth and the fear. Read my book and educate yourself.



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