Cheers, u zdravlje, chin-chin, prost,  banzay , na zdravi, bottoms up, nazdrovje, salud, ege shegedre… those are some sayings that you use before you take a sip

beer drinkers photo: Beer MisterAlcohol_Beer.png

They say cooling it helps with  the flavor but would I use any of the sayings  if I would be about to take a sip of the “PIS”? Yet I have seen many people drinking liters of this yellow smelly liquid with smile on their face. Open you tube and be amazed.
We have received lot of inquiry to talk about this subject so here we are, is it a good science or not?
People that are sold on this idea claim marvelous results and with all their conviction defend this practice going as far as saying that urine is purer then the purest water on this Planet and we should not drink anything else because this is the “fountain of youth”. It is hard to change opinion if you see great improvements. Yes when you drink toxin that your cells are familiar with, they will stop hydration to protect themselves. By doing so they will prevent the same toxins that is circulating in the blood from entering into them. Question is should we drink a gallon of this stuff or is there better solution.
Join us on the program as we dissect this topic and make it easier to understand .

Saturdays at 11 am EST,  16 h London time

presented by:

India Irie, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Clive de Carle, as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

Listen to the show by clicking on the picture below


Recap, after the show

Clive de Carl started the show by explaining the properties of distilled water. Distilled water has tremendous absorptive capacity and helps in fast detoxification. On the other side it will eliminate electrolytes and this way interfere with hydration of the body. This is why I recommend that we add sea salt to distilled water before using it.

 The question now is how can something that body eliminates be good for it if we drink it? Drinking urine is called urinotherapy and it helps the body in many ways, how is this possible and why we are not told about it. We are not told about it because it has positive results and this would undermine the profits of pharmaceutical companies. As Clive is mentioning when pharmaceutical company pays fines of several million dollars to their brother company the FDA they have pocketed profit of several billions. It is just slap on the wrist. So what is going on with urine and why it stimulates healing of the body.

Urine is water in which there is an information of everything that is going on in the body. Every toxin that is excreted is going to be in it so how can it possibly be beneficial to put it back into the body.

Urine does not only contain harmful toxins that the body wants to get rid of. It has minerals that wear in higher concentration that necessary at the moment, has uric acid and we know that uric acid is strong anti oxidant and since water is liquid crystal it contains information of all chemical processes that are happening in the body. When cells eliminate their toxins they end up in the blood, enter kidneys and get eliminated. Fresh water and nutrients are soaked from digestive tract and directed into the liver where they are being examined and processed. Here is where the information that is in urine can be and is of great value. It informs the liver that it should warn the cells of toxins that have just entered and what bad chemical reactions to expect. Equipped with this information the cells prepare for the encounter and at the same time start dealing with these things within them. Liver start immediately manufacturing required proteins to assist in this process of self healing.  As you see the information has to be specific for the body so drinking someone elses urine will not help unless the problems are exactly the same.

My belief is that the important thing is the message and not the amount of it. So few drops of urine under the tongue every hour is all that is required for this therapy to be successful. Diluting urine in distilled water 1-10 is going to be equally effective.

There are people that claim great rejuvenation after replacing drinking water with their own urine. As scientist I do not believe that drinking large quantity of urine will have additional benefits over standard urinotherapy. At least looking at their photos I am not impressed at all.

Our body is designed to heal itself. The only thing it needs is to know what it is that it has to deal with. Simple message will do the trick.

With love to new and better understanding.



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