Is it sickness or is it a detox.???

Running nose, phloem, fever and diarrhea, YOU ARE SICK!!!


flu photo: Flu flu.jpginfluenza photo: influenza influenza.jpg

Running nose, phloem, fever and diarrhoea, YOU ARE SICK!!! Whenever one comes up with those symptoms, doctors response is,,,,antibiotics. Well this could be the signs of bacterial infestation but no one is making anti-biogram. You are probably asking “what the heck is anti-biogram”? This is a test that should be performed every time before antibiotic is prescribed. This test will determine which antibiotic will be most effective and should be used. So why it is not performed? Because it takes couple of days and in the mean time the patient may get well. Yes you heard me right. The patient may get well because all these signs are the signs of body cleansing itself so it can start the process of self healing. This is why we decided to make a program about detoxification so we can understand what is going on and liberate ourselves from intentional poisoning performed by medical cartel.

This may sound silly but look at it with clear head. Mucosal tissue will eliminate toxins wrapped in phlegm causing cough and-or diarrhea. Body will burn toxins by raising body temperature (fever). Rapid detoxification may cause inflammation and headaches.

Are doctors healing us by suppressing those symptoms or are they preventing our body from detoxing and self healing?

This will be the topic of our show.

presented by:

India Irie, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Clive de Carle, as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

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Recap. after the show. This program was necessary to open your eyes to the fraud of medical treatments and misuse of antibiotics. Since we have never been told about detoxification symptoms we are not familiar with them and we wrongly assume that those symptoms are the symptoms of disease. Most doctors are ignorant on this issue and blindly reach for antibiotics. Doctors are wrongly instructed to treat detox. symptoms as the symptoms of disease and this way suppress cleansing. This causes further accumulation of toxins in the body and variety of other symptoms that we give names of diseases until complete destruction of body occurs. When you properly hydrate your body will start with fast detox. This will carry all the symptoms I had mention before. Instead suppressing them we have to help our body to efficiently accomplish the detoxification so that it can heal. I have to warn you that detox. symptoms can be very violent and I strongly urge you to have knowledgeable  and experienced human supervising you during this process. Not a brainwashed professional that will load you with antibiotics because this is all that he/she knows to do. If there is none close that you trust, I am always here for you.

Love, peace and abundance.


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