Not so unexpectedly our sailing days came to the end.

tia c 105

On October 13 Hurricane developed over Saint Martin and devastated the boating community.

The storm was predicted as 20 to 40 Knt with winds from the E and clocking to SE. Instead the winds picked up to 92 Knt. With the direction of NE shifting to N and NW. Over 50 boats ended up destroyed and sunk or on the shore.

Unfortunately our “Dora” we lived on was one of them. As soon as she hit the shore she was stormed with unconscious people that cleaned her up. They took everything that was not nailed n. This is why I cannot show you the photo of Dora, I have no more camera. We are really clean to start our “walkabout”. This is the reason that I was not being able to post recently.

Now we are in temporary accommodations and hopefully I will be able to continue to inform you on the lies and deceits we are subjected to as far as health is concerned and more.

What a way to enter the New World in Universe of high vibration!

I was sending messages of discontent for several years finding myself trapped with the obligation of taking the care about Dora. This was preventing me from other things we wanted to do. Having in the family two dogs and a parrot we were holding onto the comfort of easy living aboard the vessel. Now the confusion is over. Higher forces came to the rescue. Now we finally have the freedom to follow the highest excitement. We are planing to go to the Jungle of Peru. Visit the community of “Planeta Libre” and I will continue giving lectures wherever we go and wake up as many souls as possible.

Thank you for following my blog and let me know if there is something in  particular you want me to address.

With love in my heart I wish you all healthy and happy continuation of the dream-game that we call LIFE.

2011-1 029

Author: darkovelcek

Awakened human being. Helping to spread the truth in awareness and health.

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