The Owners’ Manual you never received at birth–inspired by the book of the same title–authored by panelist, Dr.Darko Velcek




”Trilateral Perplexicon:
Old Mcdonald has no farm!
Big Pharma owns it !
Ronald Mcdonald poisoned me with
Bilderbergers and fries ! Medical marxists are exterminating our souls.
The prison planet matrix has us Aspertame lame!
Their flouride Jahad calcifies my Pineal worse than Captain and Tenile !
Yes my tongue is glued to my cheek but I will not go softly
into this incontinent confederacy of FRIGHT !
Cell phones are messin wit my chakras
is comin from Doctas
Go ahead let DR. feel zero be your guide,
As for me and mine,


—Written by Joe Hollinger

Owners manual 2

 As far as the health goes we have reached the point where no one believes anything anymore. On every subject there are numerous contradicting scientific papers so whom to believe?
Big problem is science on its own. It is divided, compartmentalized and boxed in with labels.
Can you imagine going to the movie theatre and on the screen you have a list of characters, list of the music, a color pallet and letters sorted by quantity.
After two hours gazing at this someone comes and asks you “how did you like the movie?”
Naturally your response will be “what movie!”
This is what we have done with the science. Unless we start looking at the science as whole (spirit-mind-body) we cannot understand it and we are prone to different interpretations.
As without the spirit one cannot explain the mind, and without the mind we cannot explain the body the same goes for the science.
Without vibration we cannot explain the light, without the light we cannot explain the matter and without matter we cannot explain chemistry (life itself)


presented by:

India Irie, Sherri Fischer, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Cary Ellis, , Clive de Carle, l & Tony Kilvert as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

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Short recap.

To be able to achieve their goal of enslaving the human race our handlers had to find a way to prevent us from learning the truth. This was achieved by creating mis=educational system where partial truth will be given wrapped in a blanket of lies. This way the lies will become the truth. All of this than has to be forcefully implemented so there are no individuals left to explore their inner thoughts and discover the truth. Mis=educational system became obligatory and those few that had questions were silenced by being ridiculed. If that did not work they were paid off or eliminated (“suicided”))

This system was reinforced by Jewish banksters in particular the Rockefeller family.  New sheeply society was created that we call the “civilized World”. Civilized World is ruled by the rich few making the rest do whatever the masters wish and all for the sake of numbers that they are given and told that higher number they have more powerful they are.

If this is so and money makes you powerful why do they hide and conduct their destructive politic in secret?

The answer is simple. They are scared and sheeply public better wake up and put the end to it. One single awakened human is more powerful than the whole bunch of twisted Devil worshipers that call themselves the “‘nobles race”.

Humanity is awakening and the “nobles” are running scared.

More than anything sheeply human is fearing death and pain. This is the reason why nobles have hijacked science of healing and turned it into the medical science of pain and death that is implemented through Medical doctors and personal.

Medical universities are centers for misrepresentation of science, brainwashing, reprogramming and empowering individuals to commit the crimes over humanity at the same time  being protected from prosecution for their atrocities with licences that alow them to do so.

As we are awakening we can see through this and we are starting to liberate ourselves.

If you follow this site you are on the way to be free and powerful yourself.

We came to understand that the only way we can comprehend science if we make it whole  Spirit=Mind=Body.

If we try to exclude any of them we cannot understand the truth.

This radio program is all about this topic so if this is what you want to know please listen to the program.


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