Special report with Jeanice Barcelo.



Jeanice Barcelo joins the panel with some explosive and Informative material on JUST how deep the rabbit hole goes…and where it BEGINS in our incarnation here!!!

It is becoming more and more difficult to distinguish the difference in  actions  of white coats  in slaughter house from   white coats in our hospitals. What is happening to humanity?

Doctors are trained to look at human body like it is a machine. Mix some chemicals together and that’s human. Mind and spirit have no place in modern, corporate world. This is well reflected in how humans are treated by corporations. Medi-sin is just another corporate takeover.

Jeanice Barcelo is enlightened activist who is exposing what is happening in hospitals. What happens with young mothers and babies during pregnancy, birth and thereafter.


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short recap.

In this special edition show Jeanice Barcelo  a world known activist and whistle blower exposes the truth of Luciferian agenda. The takeover of our medical industry by the dark Cabal.

She exposes the horrific ways that women are exposed to before, during and after pregnancy.

Jeanice Barcelo explains how not only DNA of our newborn babies are collected but also how placentas, the blood and parts of fetuses and new born babies are harvested, stored and sold to the higher bidder which is often the Satan worshiping cult oriented Illuminati order of the New World (New World Order).

Painful procedures are being implemented often without the use of the pain killers. We have been told that infant do not feel the pain. This is out right lie. The painful experiences are remembered and they shape the behavior of the growing human. No wonder that we have so many psychological problems. We have been trained to submit from the first breath we took. Our mind has closed down to suppress the memories so should we wander why are so many of us still sleeping?

More we know the more we can understand. The more we understand the easier we can defend ourselves.

Believe me, you do not want to miss this show.

Take your time and listen to Jeanice Barcelo so that you can understand  who is trying to be your master.


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