ALZHEIMER’S dis-ease.

Are you losing your mind?



Estimated 5.4 million Americans are suffering from Alzheimer’s dis-ease and this number is growing daily. Another dis-ease that does not exist in wild animals. Now days if you are lucky enough not to get cancer most likely you will be affected with memory loss or Alzheimer’s dis-ease. Once human shows the symptoms of memory loss there is nothing one can do to help and this poor soul will weather a way. At least this is what we are told and this is what happen if you seek help from occidental medicine.

Can something be done to prevent or to reverse this crippling dis-ease? Is there something that we are not being told? Of course, answer to both of these questions is YES!!!

Problem cannot be solved with the same state of mind that created it. This is well known fact.  For last 70 years we have been told to keep away from saturated fat, minimize meat and optimize carbohydrates and cooking oils. Now we wonder why are we so sick. What is our body constructed out of? Primarily WATER, FAT, SALT and PROTEIN. You do not have to be scientist to see that something does not make sense. When you feel bad doctor will tell you “drink fluids, minimize salt intake and animal protein and avoid fat”. Fluid could be anything and most likely it will not be water that you will go for when thinking about fluids. It is not possible that doctor can be so wrong unless he or she was miss educated on purpose.


When we add to this assault on our health by chemical food additives, fluoride, aluminum oxide and mercury all of which are neurotoxic our nervous system must cave in. And let us not forget highly advertised benefits of GARLIC which is by itself potent neurotoxin.

Alzheimer’s disease will be the topic of this weeks expendingU radio show “The Owner’s Manual For The Human Body-Health Solutions”.

presented by:

India Irie, Sherri Fischer, Anna Lipari, Dr. Darko Velcek, Dr. Jeremy Ayres (Moringa Barbados), Cary Ellis, , Clive de Carle, l & Tony Kilvert as your PANELISTS with varying guests!

Listen to the show by clicking on the picture below



Short recapitulation of the program.

The term DEMENTIA refers to the brain malfunctioning where the individual experiences lost of memory, incoherence, loss of himself… This can be due to an brain injury caused by trauma, shock, psychological effect and poisoning.

This show is devoted to dementia caused by poisoning of the brain called Alzheimer’s disease.

I believe that you automatically think that it must be the case of accidental poisoning wright? Not at all. After listening to this program you cannot but realize that we are talking about deliberate, organized poisoning of our brain. This poisoning starts through propagation of wrong diet, introduction of harmful chemical additives and intensifies through medical care which is actually oriented to undermine patients health and not  improving it.

Brain is composed of mostly fat and water. The brain is the most energy demanding  organ in our body. So what do we do wrong? We feed it with the wrong energy. If you take gasoline engine and start feeding it a mixture of gasoline and diesel what will happen? The engine will have difficulty to start, it will run creating lot of smoke and it will get clogged giving up prematurely.

This is exactly what happens to the brain when it is given the wrong fuel.

The primary fuel for the cells in our body is fat (ketone). Neurons, the brain cells are no different. Since fat burns slowly the neuron has to have a lot of generators (mitochondria) available that will burn this fat and produce sufficient amount of electricity. The problem starts when neuron starts to be given glucose (sugar) as an energy fuel. Glucose burns explosively and creates energy rapidly. To protect itself neuron decommissions a lot of mitochondria so it does not suffer damage from overcharging. Here we start running into a problem.

In about an hour neuron will run out of the energy that was produced by burning the glucose and demands more fuel. Since we do not eat every hour the body supplies fat (the reserve fuel stored in fat cells). Since the neurons have decommissioned a lot of mitochondria now there is not enough of them to produce sufficient amount of energy and we start feeling tired,  agitated and we lose concentration. To manipulate glucose neuron needs insulin. Constant presence of insulin creates insulin resistance as in the body so in the brain and the brain will start having difficulties manipulating glucose.

Dehydration is another aspect of brain poisoning. Blood that is lacking in water will be toxic and with this toxicity will prevent proper hydration of neurons. This prevent neurons to cleanse themselves and make them toxic as well.

Every medicinal remedy interferes with cellular hydration so what ever “medicine” you have been given by your doctor will make the things worst.

Iodine is essential for cellular operation so insufficiency of iodine will contribute to the problem. Not only that there is not enough iodine in processed foods we are given fluoride in water and tooth paste. Fluoride attaches to the same receptors in our cells as iodine and this way prevents iodine bonding worsening the situation.

Inactivity of retired people speeds up the calcification process in the brain that further contributes to this dis-ease.

To prevent, stop or reverse Alzheimer’s dis-ease we have to change our habits and do what we are told not to do.

Star eating saturated fat especially coconut oil, eggs and pork fat. Stop or minimize intake of cooked carbohydrates. Drink water with sea salt (Celtic salt) diluted in it and expose ourselves to the Sun light.

Are all those things simply mistakes of modern science? I think not. It is mathematically impossible to be wrong in everything you do. Those are not minor mistakes. Procedures being done are actually opposite of what has to be done. They are planned and deliberate.

Now should we believe in man made global warming?

HA HA HA HA HA……..modern science in its best!


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